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Move aside Year of the Girl, fashion’s maturing with Grandpa Core

Inside every one of us is an octogenarian man dying to get out. At least, that's what TikTok's newest micro trend tells us. Introducing, grandpa core.

It doesn't matter that the coastal grandmother checked in a year ago, or that fashion was recently obsessed with the dad-ification of sneakers and sweater vests. No, this trend is different. They swear. Sure, both have a soft spot for New Balances, tuck their shirts into jeans and complain when someone adjusts the thermostat. But tell me, does your dad own the perfect cable knit sweater, a fat tie, Clarks or cords the colour of earwax? He's just not on that level yet.

What is grandpa core?

So what is grandpa core? Well, it's exactly as you'd imagine. Loafers, V-neck sweaters and muted-tone cardigans – bonus points if it has a shawl collar. It's a lot of layering, you can't have grandpa catching a chill! Basically, anything that looks like it could've been plucked from a Drake's campaign. To accessorise, find a hand-knitted beanie or a random cap picked up on holiday – we all know grandad simply accumulates clothing, he never intentionally shops for anything himself.

Vintage watches are not essential but complete the look, especially if its a hand-me-down from your own gramps. It's conservative and practical, catnip for those in corporate offices, or people who want to be comfy but like Fran Lebowitz, don't own sweatpants, and like Karl Lagerfeld, believe they are a sign or defeat.

Who are our grandpa core muses?

Larry David, obviously, Steve Martin, and Anthony Hopkins. There are also a lot of men who aren't of grandfather age but still have an air of grandpa core about their style. Harry Styles is an immediate reference, closely followed by Tyler the Creator and ASAP Rocky. The Armani suit Julia Roberts wore to the 48th Golden Globes is canon, as is Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.

After more grandpa core inspiration? Here's what people are wearing on TikTok.

@marco.lstn grandpa’s got style 🖤 #grandpastyle #vintagestyle #ootdmen #winterstyle #oldmoneyaesthetic #menwithclass ♬ Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles

@whymarj I heard grandpa core was in for 2024? #grandpacore #eclecticgrandpa ♬ Girls On Film - Duran Duran

@brockalishusi love this song♬ songs for women - my other account

@le_garcon__noir Pause at the end to see the full fit, share this with someone 🤨 #fyp #foryou #fashion #basicboy #style ♬ original sound - Jo

A grandpa core edit


&DAUGHTER Wool Cardigan


ST AGNI Soft Crescent Bag


DRAKE'S Hand-rolled wool tie


ALD X DRAKE'S Blue Chino Hat


GUCCI Round Optical Frame

grandpa core


NEUW Nico Straight in Classic


BODE Gluckow Hat




BURBERRY Harrington Jacket in Flax


POLO RALPH LAUREN Relaxed Cotton Twill Shirt


PARABOOT Michael Leather Derby Boot


BASSIKE Poplin Raw Detail


CARTIER Tank Louis Watch



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Image: @drakesdiary