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Glossier is launching in Sephora, yet still haven’t confirmed when Australians can shop the brand

glossier launching sephora

Be still our beating Boy Brows, Glossier is launching in Sephora in its first retail partnership, eight years after coming onto the market. With the announcement comes a slew of questions from beauty aficionados to novices alike, and we’re here to catch you up on the need-to-know points of beauty’s latest partnership.

Will Glossier be available to shop at Sephora Australia?

We would love to answer this with a resounding “YES CHEF!” but unfortunately for the time being, this is still to be confirmed by both brands. Initially, the rollout will commence across Sephora stores in the United States and Canada, alongside their Sephora sites and app.

Glossier CEO Kyle Leahy has left the door open for us Glossier-starved folk, saying an international presence was a key factor in the decision partner with Sephora.

“We are incredibly excited to enter our partnership with Sephora,” Leahy said in a statement. “They are an iconic, international retailer with an extremely loyal community, and we know our customers want to find us there. We share the same customer-centric values and are both deeply grounded in the ever-evolving notion of beauty discovery.”

The move to Sephora comes after former CEO and founder Emily Weiss left the brand in May, with Leahy seeming to be making big moves for the originally direct-to-consumer brand, saying the partnership "marks a new chapter in our omnichannel strategy."


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Which Glossier products are coming to Sephora?

As part of its launch into Sephora, Glossier fans will be able to purchase staple products from the brand including Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, Lash Stick and the lightweight Invisible Shield sunblock.

When is Glossier launching into Sephora?

Those in the US and Canada still need to wait a little while longer to access Glossier at Sephora, with the launch not commencing until early 2023.

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