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Kim Cattrall’s next television role is just as glamorous as she is

glamorous kim cattrall

It turns out Kim Cattrall was simply biding her time, storing up all that fabulous-energy so that she could empty it into a role more worthy. Sorry And Just Like That... The certified dame has been tapped for a new role on the small screen and we think it's the perfect fit. The part in question is that of a makeup mogul by the name of Madolyn Addison for Netflix series Glamorous. See what we mean? A perfect fit.

While Cattrall is not the leading lady of the series, she'll no doubt draw a crowd of Sex and the City fans who missed her in its series reboot. Glamorous will instead follow the story of Marco Mejia, a gender non-conforming queer character played by non-binary actor, YouTuber and performer Miss Benny. Mejia is ambitious, with dreams to make it big in the beauty industry. These aspirations soon come to fruition when they begin working for Madolyn Addison, all the while doing their best to figure out what it really means to be queer.

While little else in terms of plot has been released, we know that the Netflix series will span ten episodes with shooting set to begin in July. Aside from that, we're just going to allow our brains the pleasure of speculating what Glamorous could bring forth. And what kind of beauty mogul are we talking? Emily Weiss of Glossier or Anastasia Soare from Anastasia Beverly Hills? Only time will tell it seems.

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