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G. H. Mumm encourage us to celebrate big and small with Mark Your Own Journey campaign

mumm mark your journey

In partnership with G. H. Mumm


Australia’s number one champagne brand G. H. Mumm is inviting all Australians to throw away the rule book on what is deemed celebratory, encouraging us to mark personal milestones they define themselves. Through the Mark Your Own Journey campaign  – featuring songwriter and musician Isabella Manfredi and Culinary Director of Shell House (Sydney), Joel Bickford – the Champagne house reminds us of the magic in marking any moment, big or small.

Both Manfredi and Bickford share their individual approaches to success and celebration, with each a testament to who they are as people and industry leaders.

“Becoming a mother has helped me recognise that progression in life is such a beautiful thing,” says Manfredi, who hosted the first series of our RUSSH Hour podcast. “I really do believe that we should put more emphasis on celebrating the unconventional moments, the everyday risk taking and marking moments of progress. Along with G.H Mumm, I’m happy to remind and inspire others to do just that.”

mumm mark your journey

Isabella Manfredi

For Bickford, his boundary-pushing approach to cooking takes centre stage in how he chooses to celebrate the everyday.

“To celebrate the launch of the campaign, I am opening up about the unique times and places that have helped mark my journey,” explains Bickford. “Growing up in the Blue Mountains, I was always going to have a strong connection to nature and its offerings, developing a healthy respect and appreciation that would shape the choices later in my life. I can’t wait to share this series. It really is a passion project for me.”

mumm mark your journey

Joel Bickford

Whether it’s a change of career, investing in a new piece of furniture of recognising an achievement that often falls by the wayside, the G. H. Mumm Mark Your Own Journey campaign should serve as inspiration pop a bottle and celebrate a moment today, rather than savouring the drink for a later occasion. Life is fleeting, but the champagne you sip shouldn’t be.

Find out more about G.H. Mumm Champagne and the campaign here.

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