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On the ground at Coachella: GG Magree on girlfriends, female domination and launching her new EP ‘Dichotomy’

GG Magree

In the depths of the Coachella Valley, you'll often find little pockets of music mayhem. Among the wild ether you'll stumble into one of the many tents sandwiched with a mass of people all taking in the collective electric atmosphere. This year, the Sahara tent was truly the place to be and more importantly where the women truly reigned supreme, with impressive acts from City Girls and VNSSA, it was only going to go up from here. Enter, GG Magree who in her first stint at the festival, blazed the stage in an asymmetrical Maison Close fit and all her spunky glory. In the past two years alone, the Aussie producer and singer-songwriter has gone from strength to strength, expanding on her rock heavy repertoire. Now she's back with the highly-anticipated EP in "Dichotomy", a display of gritty vocals and punchy emotions. While on the ground for weekend two, we had the pleasure of talking to her about her first time performing here, toxic relationships and when she'll back to visit us on home soil.



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GG, it’s so great to chat with you. First off, congratulations on your epic Coachella set. It was a wild ride. Tell us, how did you feel performing at the festival for the first time?

Coachella has always been the goal for me. I remember when I first started out, I put it on my vision board and I knew when I performed I would want to do something I've never done before. Bringing a band and doing a whole live element for the first time ever was such a huge achievement. I love to make myself feel uncomfortable and I also get off on pressure and chaos so to have achieved my first Coachella, my first live performance, and also play a bunch of new music for the first time ever, I'd say I'm pretty happy with myself.

Already Dead goes through some pretty brutal emotions, how much of this inner struggle is part of your process when producing a record?

Everything I write is what I'm going through at that current time. When I was writing Already Dead, I was in the middle of a very toxic relationship which I knew wasn't going to last and was super unhealthy, but there was something that kept me glued to it.

Alexandra Shipp was such a standout in the music video. Was that always a natural choice here?

Alex is not only one of the best actresses I know but she's also one of my absolute best friends. Alex knows everything about me and she knew a lot about my mental state while in this toxic relationship. I got super emotional while we shot our scenes because it brought back a lot of suppressed feelings and I think that it really comes out in the video.

Your music videos are so visceral, they really get to the underbelly of the raw, undiluted female experience. Are you hands on with your creative vision?

Extremely. Everything is always my story. I'm an open book and I'm not afraid to be vulnerable and let the world in. I use art as therapy.

Your new EP Dichotomy seems to lean into the layers of personal heartbreak and inner demons. Was making this record cathartic for you as an artist?

Dichotomy is me coming into my skin and falling in love with my psychotic and broken parts. For a really long time, I was trapped in some pretty toxic relationships. Whether it was romantically, works-related, or friends, so I let go of everything and everyone that didn't serve me. I know I'm crazy, weird, and I have bizarre kinks but to me, that's what makes me different and beautiful. I love the darkness that makes my light shine.

Is there one song of yours that still really speaks to you whenever you perform it?

It was insane singing BITCH with my girlfriend Royal and The Serpent. We are light twin flames so our energy together is magnetic.

Are there any female artists you’d love to collaborate with?

There are honestly too many to name right now. I really think females are dominating the world. I surround myself with boss-ass ladies and I'm forever grateful for them.

What’s coming up for you for the rest of 2022?

More music, playing in Europe a lot of the summer, returning to Australia for some home shows, oh and you might see me on your TV soon.

GG's EP Dichotomy will be released on May 19th and you can catch her latest video below.

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