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Georgia Fowler’s full body burn is the perfect 10 minute routine for any place, any time

Georgia Fowler full body burn

The list of things we now can do for ourselves has grown exponentially. We can make our own bread, a lot of us are now masters at DIY home improvement and we are all now doing our fitness routines from the comfort of home

From our living room floors, a quiet corner of the house, or our bedrooms we can now achieve what was once thought only possible through hour long classes. Many of our favourite gyms and studios have gone online. There is always YouTube. And in our world of social media we can now follow along with those that wish to share what they do at home. Model Georgia Fowler has already shared one of her routines with us. And now we have another. This time a full body burn workout routine. 

You won’t need equipment. You don’t need a mat. They’re all moves you can do in a small space, on your own. Hey, you don’t even need workout gear. Your pyjamas will do just fine here. It’s all about consistency. An hour at the gym sporadically won’t be as effective as a consistent 10 minute routine at home. 

What along below as Georgia leads us through her favourite full body burn routine;


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Georgia Fowler’s Full Body Burn routine:

  • 6 x C curve standing stretches
  • 30 second plank hold
  • 10 x squats
  • 10 x squat pulses
  • 10 x lunges
  • 10 x lunge pulses
  • 10 x side lunges

Repeat the following sequence twice;

  • 20 second squat jumps
  • 20 second lunge jumps
  • 20 seconds lateral bound
  • 20 second rest

Follow along the video as Georgia moves into stretches. Or do the stretches you know work best for you and for what your body needs at the time.

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