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A moment for the understated style of George Harrison

George Harrison's style attracts us like no other. The youngest of the four Beatles, he carved himself as the understated guitarist and supporting lyricist of the band with a charming, cool sensibility extending to his dress style that further refined itself alongside his artistry.

Harrison was known as the quiet Beatle, the one of the four with a meeker demeanour yet able to hold a presence alongside principal songwriters, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. While much of his song writing was disregarded by the pair, it went on to become solo work which showcased a new side to the singer, further demonstrating his talent as an individual artist.

It can easily be argued The Beatles as a collective were pioneers in the world of music, yet it isn’t argued nearly enough how Harrison was one of many men redefining the codes of male dressing from the mid-sixties through to the seventies. Alongside other figures of the Mod movement, like Mick Jagger and Ray Davies, the Liverpudlian developed a penchant for stripes, delectably paired colour clashes and the debonair employment of colourful turtleneck sweaters.

There’s a short scene in the recently released documentary Get Back where Harrison parks his car out the front of Apple Studios, London, while recording Let It Be. He pulls up, parks directly in front of the building’s entrance, locks his car and saunters into the building. It sounds innocent enough. Yet, there is an undeniable presence and suaveness to him encapsulated by his refined ensemble of a simple black suit with a pussybow neck and finished with a black hat that defines this moment and defines him as the style icon he will always be remembered as.

Whether it be at a festival with former wife, Patti Boyd, or trackside cheering for Niki Lauda, Harrison was a poster boy of the eclectic style enveloping the world at the time, yet seamlessly blending the trend with an indie sensibility that still appeals to the modern man — and woman — today.

george harrison style

With former wife, model Patti Boyd.

While recording Let It Be in 1969.

george harrison style

george harrison style

Performing on stage in 1971.

With fellow members of The Beatles, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and John Lennon, while promoting Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

With Jane Birkin in Cannes, 1968.

george harrison style

While recording Let It Be, 1969.


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