The upcoming Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus is one of the most powerful Full Moons of 2022

Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus

Halloween just passed, but the real astrological spookiness happens November 8th, with a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus; the planetary equivalent to Heath Ledger’s unnerving Joker. If that sounds intense, it's because it is. Very intense.

Let’s work through these terms step-by-step before hazarding a few predictions.

Full Moon in Taurus. Full Moons always occur opposite the Sun and the current season. We are in Scorpio now, so the Full Moon will be transiting through the steady Bull soon. Full Moons indicate culminations, celebrations, bringing a project to fruition, concluding, ending, or harvesting. A Full Moon in Taurus (security, home, comfort, food, earth) might usually augur something like the completion of a renovation project by finding the perfect couch. Because Venus (love and beauty) rules the Bull, these lunations tend to deal with beautifying and bringing sweetness around the hearth.

Why is this Taurus moon different?

Because we have a Total Lunar Eclipse coinciding with it. For any eclipse, the Sun or Moon needs to be close to either the North Node (future, destiny) or the South Node (karma, past, ancestors). A total eclipse means that the Moon or the Sun is super close to one of the nodes – and the closer either one is, the more disruptive and powerful the eclipse.

This particular Total Lunar Eclipse will go conjunct the North Node which is all about the future, collective destiny, changing the course of history, completing an era and starting something new. It’s a game-changer transit. An earth-shaker.

Therefore, a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus portends lots of upheaval or disruption connected to themes of security, home, comfort (Taurus), as they relate to collective, national, or global matters (North Node). Our old comforts or dogmatic slumbers around politics, mass movements, national identity, or global citizenship could be in for a rude awakening around November 8th.

Now let’s push all this even further.

This Full Moon is exactly conjunct (or beside) wildcard Uranus, the planet whose name makes adolescents laugh no matter how we pronounce it. But Uranus is no laughing matter. How so?

When it comes to astrology, the visible planets are the ones we are most familiar with: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Unlike the famous book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” though, there are no bestsellers about Uranus. It is too unconventional to be popular. Even its planetary spin is odd: while all the other planets have their poles tilted in the same way as the Sun’s, Uranus’ axis is tilted 98 degrees relative to the plane of the solar system. It basically spins on its side.

This quirkiness is reflected in its planetary influence. With its lopsided motion, it throws curveballs to other planets and houses, keeping things off balance. It is the “surprise” planet, the wild card, the Joker, with an undertow of malice.

Because this disruptive Uranus energy will conjunct the Moon (our emotional centre), we may be very out of sorts around the Eclipse of November 8th. The Moon, which is happiest in Taurus (where things are steady and stable), doesn’t like the unpredictability that Uranus traffics in. As such, Uranus conjunct Moon tends to bring up intense emotions. Moreover, due to the fact that the Moon will be in a total eclipse near the collective North Node, these intense emotions will explode around the political rather than the personal.

All of this intensity and uncertainty associated with the eclipse will coalesce on November 8th in relation to the midterm elections in the United States, where post-Trump right-wing stooges are running for office on a political platform consisting of election denialism, stone age anti-choice/anti-woman rhetoric, and christian nationalism. The effects of this election are going to be monumental in the U.S. and beyond.

But we are already seeing hints of this disruptive eclipse with its dash of Uranus upheaval in Brazil, where the leftist Lula just won power in their national election. Instead of conceding defeat, the right wing incumbent Bolsonaro (a Trump-lite acolyte) is orchestrating nationwide protests and trucker strikes to grind the country to a halt. We are witnessing the beginning (not the end) of Bolsonaro’s assault of democratic norms.

Come November 8th, two of the most powerful nations of the Americas will be embroiled in a protracted, potentially violent joust for political power and the future of democracy. Such is the fate of this Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. It’s not often that we dip our toe in political waters. But sometimes astrology and politics are so clearly aligned it would be wrong not to. It will take days, if not weeks or months, for the dust of this bonkers Lunar Eclipse to settle. But the consequences of it, like blood diamonds, could last forever.

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Photo by Swapnil Potdar on Unsplash