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SZA is a bilingual angel in Kali Uchis’ new ‘Fue Mejor’ music video

kali uchis fue mejor

Many of us who would lay down our lives for SZA, still don't exactly know what she is saying in 80 percent of her songs, so if you're not a Spanish speaker, prepared to continue to live in blissful ignorance as you feast your eyes on Kali Uchis' new music video for Fue Mejor, featuring earth angel SZA by her flaming sides.

For the track that was originally on Sin Miedo (Del Amor y Otros Demonios with PartyNextDoor, the updated version features SZA singing in Spanish for the first time, and, after a bit of light google translating, it is clear she has made a beeline for the swear words. Atta girl!

In the video, Kali is sliding around on the hood of a car, while SZA does her own thing on a different car hood, before linking up with Uchis to blow blunt smoke in her mouth and give her a lap dance. It's all flaming hot, especially the literal flames that Uchis is surrounded by towards the end of the clip.

“Tú nunca fuiste mio, tú nunca fuiste mierda,” SZA sings with the voice of an angel. Translation: “You were never mine, you were never shit.”

As far as that next SZA album is coming along, her studio version of Shirt that she teased at the end of her Good Days music video still hasn't dropped, instead, three self released tracks on SoundCloud. We suppose that will do for now!

“Thank u @sza for jumping on this & taking the time to sing in a whole different language,” Kali Uchis wrote on Twitter. “Thank u for making Spanish speakers feel seen & for being such a loving, pure & open spirit que dios me la cuide siempre!!!”

You can watch the full video, below.


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image: @kaliuchis