Staying in this Friday night? Here are some things to do that don’t involve your couch

With half the country in lockdown it seems we're all in the same proverbial boat. One that is specifically limited to our own homes. We've all been here before, some of us a harrowing six times to be exact. And after finally finishing all six seasons of The Sopranos, baking every iteration of banana bread that exists and Zoom trivia reaching its use by date, you're ready to concede. I don't blame you. Lockdown sucks, especially on the weekend. But just before you saunter back to bed, from where you plan to wait out the restrictions, take this list. A case for donning your gallows humour and leaving the couch.


1. Happy Hour... but with your very own Bartender

I know, I know, no more Zoom. I get it. But since you've been a dedicated observer of Happy Hour over the past few weeks, why not gather your friends virtually and ring in a professional to lift your game. Cocktail Porter will send you a bottle of Tanqueray, elderflower cordial and some soda water beforehand. When you're ready they'll guide you through a few classics and teach you the basics of making drinks. A welcome change to semi-cold beer.


2. Settle in for a dance movie marathon

I did say I would get you off the couch and I stand by my words. No one that have ever watched Flashdance has done so without working up a sweat mid way through. It's the perfect way to work off all the pent up energy from a working week spent indoors.


3. Load up your playlists

It was only this week that the public could finally stream Aaliyah's albums. Her music is a true comfort in these times. Play her in the background to create some serious vibes, or listen in on headphones and let the Princess of R&B take you away.


4. Bake a chocolate cake and have it all to yourself

Baking requires your full attention. Maybe it's this fact that allows everything outside your kitchen to melt away. Or perhaps it's the somewhat meditative process of sifting flower and separating eggs. Using your hands to create is always so rewarding, especially when it results in chocolate. So here are some chocolate cake recipes to sink your teeth into. You deserve it.


5. Pull out your favourite toys

Sometimes you just have to release those endorphins the way only you can. And by sometimes what I mean is whenever you damn like. If you've had a stressful week there's nothing like taking the time to make yourself feel good. Pull out your favourite toy/s and let the evening slip away. If you're looking to switch it up, solo or with a partner, here are some of our favourite vibrators.

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