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Your soundtrack to Freedom: listen to our RUSSH radio ‘Freedom’ issue playlist

Freedom playlist

"There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the Freedom of my mind." - Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

When was the last time you let your hair down and relinquished into that liberating sound that defines your Freedom? You could be driving and simply have to turn the volume up, roll the windows down, and sing as your hair flies free around your neck. You let the driving snare and heavy production take you away from the mundane pain of everyday life, from the anxiety of obligation, and you let yourself feel as though you could drive forever.

Whether you need to be set free from the pain of unrequited love or you need to start over...

Imagery of water, horses, change and adventure punctuates this playlist to try and encapsulate all the ways in which we need to be free. Whether you need to be set free from the pain of unrequited love or you need to start over, Devo reminds us to use our Freedom of choice as we ride through the desert with America. Let Sally Oldfield's Blue water rush over you as your young heart runs free. Escape a maximum security prison, remember that your body changes everything and start over with LSD and The Search for God. Everybody's free to feel good, especially you.

Listen to the 'Freedom' issue playlist on RUSSH Radio.


MODEL Eliot Sumner @ Tavistock Wood wears PRADA shirt, pants and tie; talent's own shoes; stylist's own socks
PHOTOGRAPHY Jeff Hahn @ LGA Management
FASHION Anna Foster
HAIR Jody Taylor using Babyliss Pro
MAKEUP Valeria Ferreira @ The Wall Group using Dior Beauty
CASTING Megan McCluskie

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