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Take your coat off and sit down – a tribute to the uniquely dapper style of Fran Lebowitz 

fran lebowitz

We can’t help but think that if New York City were a person it would be Fran Lebowitz. A cacophony of wry contradictions, the iconic author and humorist is just about worthy for a landmark in her name. Author and writer to name just a few of her titles, this sounds like a bland dinner entree to her bustling metropolis of a career that also includes artist and social commentator to the list. Recently, we’ve had the viewing delight of her Netflix series Pretend It's A City. A snapshot of her life depicted through the lens of Scorsese. The series touches on her GED education, her time as a writer and author of Metropolitan Life and Social Studies.

Like the city itself, best not to romanticise her. If you say you love her as a taste-maker she’ll probably tell you to put on your coat and leave her house immediately if not sooner. But if we may, can we at least see the closet full of them first? While she may be the last person to acknowledge her immediately distinctive panache for style. Her dominant irreverence to fashion is felt blatantly across her wardrobe choices. Sitting somewhere in between early 90's Montana ranch hand and Annie Hall. She is a unique reflection of the city itself, blunt cynicism and "say it like it is" swagger.

There is nothing to hate here. How could there be, from the same woman who penned such profound cultural musings for Warhol's Interview magazine? Or who had the occasional social dalliance at Studio 54? She'll say these things are just par of the course, for a native New Yorker from the upper social set. Artistry is second nature to her, and personally we will always have time for her Anderson & Sheppard dinner jackets and appropriately waisted Levi's 501's.

If you needed any further convincing look to the images below.


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The eponymous tortoiseshell frames.


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The only time you'll ever see the woman in a heel.

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