In a press release Theroux described what spurred on the project. “The world has gone through massive changes in the last few years, in particular from the effects of social media." he said. "This new series looks at the way those changes have affected people in America who are in different ways involved in dangerous, extreme, or morally questionable lifestyles."

As for the other two episodes, Theroux intends to get under the skin of far right extremist groups, tracing their rise to prominence on digital platforms. He'll also cover the way the internet has de-stigmatised sex work; and given the sex industry and adult entertainers new found freedom and control via platforms like OnlyFans.

“Far-right groups that have found new influence through gaming and streaming services. Porn performers who have seen power shift to them as they’ve embraced creator-controlled apps and called out alleged predators in the industry. And in the rap world young men with big dreams caught up in feuds and high-risk behaviour in the click-driven world of social media,” he continued.

So far, we haven't been given a release date for Forbidden America. All we know is that the series will be available on BBC Two and iPlayer. Luckily for us, Louis Theroux is an industrious man and there's plenty of docos to sink your teeth into while we wait for Forbidden America to debut. Otherwise, you can listen to his familiar soothing voice on his podcast Grounded.