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Gifts perfect for a first Mother’s Day 2021

The day we get to shower her with gifts and admiration more than usual, particularly for the new mothers at the table. Being a new mum (from what I’ve heard) can be a gigantic, scary, lovely rollercoaster that is not to be underestimated. Whether she’s just become one or she’s starting to get the hang of things, we’ve compiled a list of gifts for her first Mother’s Day.


Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask


For the shuteye she likely needs. Soft as…well, silk, and perfect for those “when bub naps, I nap” moments. A little luxury when it’s 11am and you’ve been up since 3am.


Chantecaille Bébé Camellia and Lavender Balm


Hydrating and nourishing with added luxury. This balm is soothing and repairing for dry, chapped skin and the whole family. Practical enough that it feels useful, luxury enough that it still feels like a treat.


Burberry Medium Soft Cotton Canvas Belt Bag


On the more elaborate side of a gift. But what says I love and admire you quite like a luxury baby bag? Made from canvas so easy to clean, If she has an eye for the finer things this is a practical and useful solution.


Sarah & Sebastian Petite Letter Necklace


For moments to remember. Simple and special durable jewellery with a personal twist. Who would say no?


Venustus Paddington Treatment


Out of all of the places to be pampered, Venustus holds the most space for their clients. Developing the most relaxing and caring bespoke body treatments for each person, give the gift of a time out and complete care and relaxation. Gift vouchers for a time where beauty treatments are possible again are available to purchase via the Venustus website.