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The RUSSH Editors reveal their favourite pairs of jeans

There's something so comforting about well-worn denim. It's probably why many of us continue to reach for the same pair day after day.

We all have a favourite, a go-to pair of feel-good jeans - and today we're sharing them with you. We've already talked about the best denim brands in fashion right now and now The RUSSH Editors reveal their favourite pairs of jeans.


Elle Presbury

Market & Beauty Director

I have a drawer full of jeans but someone manage to only wear one pair out of the house. The Toteme Original Jean in Grey is the perfect mix of everything-but-not-quite-anything jean. It’s high-waisted but not too high, a slim fit but not skinny and constricting. The length is cropped but they don’t become peddle pushers and the colour is the perfect in between. They’re comfortable which is always contentious as to whether jeans actually are. They can dress up and dress down just as easily which is just another cliche that holds true. 


Megan Nolan

Digital Operations Manager

Ever since I was 16 and found (and eventually wore out) my mum’s old pair of 90’s Levi’s I’ve searched endlessly for the perfect pair of vintage jeans to replace them. New Levi’s just aren’t made the same way and the difference in sizing makes it a tedious process. I have however finally found the solution. Miss Brown Vintage Clothing has stores all across Australia and recently I discovered their basement level store in Myer Melbourne. The jeans have been resized to fit current standard sizes and are neatly stacked in size piles making the process almost too easy. After years spent searching for the perfect pair it’s almost disappointing that I can now find a new pair whenever my last ones need replacing. 


Mia Steiber

Digital Content Director

I live in denim. Denim is my preferred modus operandi at all times. I have way too many pairs of jeans because I refuse to throw any pair away. In fact, I still have a fabulous pair of uber high-waisted OG Bettina Lianos from 2006. My policy is to buy them all shiny and new and then wear them until they’re artfully distressed. All my ripped jeans were ripped myself through wear.

As for my favourites, I have three. I love my A Venice Straight Alicia from Abrand. They make me feel sexy and skinny even when I’m bloated and feeling horrible. My newest addition is a favourite too, a pair of black Mom Jeans by Neuw Denim. They’re cut to make your waist look tiny and your butt look amazing. But if I only had one pair to pick, I’d probably say my blue pair of straight leg Nobody Denim jeans. I bought them on eBay second hand when I was at uni. I took the legs in myself with my mum’s old sewing machine so they fit me just right. They’re a midrise, so they’re comfier than my waisted pieces. And they’re so forgiving. If I’ve accidentally gained a few extra kilos, these jeans will always emerge from my closet to save the day and flatter my shape.


Natalie Petrevski

Fashion Editor

A good pair of jeans is hard to come by. I have accumulated quite the many pairs over the years, however find myself giving them away as they usually collect dust on my shelf. There’s nothing more deterring than an uncomfortable, unflattering pair of jeans. A few years ago I was lucky enough to attend an industry event with Levi’s which saw me find my current favourite pair. I have actually worn nothing else since. They are Vintage Levi’s blue denim, with a bespoke stitched heart on the back. High-waisted, flattering, they keep my legs super long with a great boot cut. I just love them so, my blue jean loves.


Gabriela Hidalgo

Brand & Art Director

Ideally, we would all be walking around in vintage denim. Buttery soft, perfectly worn in, snug in the right places. I am patient and determined enough to continuously scour op and swap shops until I find ‘The One’ but in the interim I have my faithful go-to’s for the perfect pair. First of all, remember Glassons? I’ve remained loyal since the early 2000’s which has seen me through a plethora of phases (also where I bought my very first ‘going out’ top and still the place for good denim. Their ‘Dad’ jeans are the perfect blue and actually have a sewn hemline which I respect. A close second is Cotton On which is graded an A- in ethics/sustainability by Baptist World Aid Australia, and covers everything from flare, mom, skinny and straight denim … not to mention for all shapes and sizes.


Andrea Tchacos

Deputy Editor

All vintage, all Levi’s. Not all 501s - but my current favourites are. They’re super rigid white denim with the perfect straight leg and they just make me feel crisp. They’re also magnets for pasta sauce, but no matter. I bought them from the guy to the right of the carpark at Glebe markets in Sydney (stay tuned for the reopening - there are similar styles on Etsy if online is your vibe). He usually has good pairs but beware the skinny mirror - get someone to take a photo instead. My favourites ever (pictured, feat vintage RUSSH team) ripped beyond repair a couple of years ago and I’m obviously still not over it. I bought them from Miss Brown on Crown Street (more on that from Meg, above).



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