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Editor’s Letter: Introducing the ‘Euphoric’ issue

euphoric issue editor's letter

Ajak’s smile. A swim that makes you feel like you’ve entered the world again. Dancing alone in your home to Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles. When you actually get that thing that you are working on right. Congregating – in a theatre, at a rave, on the beach – generally with other humans who care about the same things as you. Scribbled love hearts on important contracts while phoning a friend. Making that one dish just the way it’s supposed to be. A neatly folded fitted sheet. Fire and ice. Swinging hips. Scorpio rhythm. Colour therapy from the sun and blue-sky days.

When you are just floating...

The happy, fulfilled, sweaty burn from physical exhaustion. Postponing tomorrow by walking someone the long way home.

Knowing that a moment – with all its misgivings – will make a great story one day.

Euphoria comes in many ways and often it is fleeting.

It is encountered, not created. Be ready.


“I have drunk the night
and swallowed the stars.
I am dancing with abandon
and singing with rapture.
There is not a thing I do not love.
There is not a person I have not forgiven. I feel a universe of love.
I feel a universe of light.
Tonight, I am with old friends
and we are returning home.
The moon is our witness.”
– Kamand Kojouri

To learn about our cover star, Ajak Deng, read more about this industry icon through our model profile. Experience the Euphoric issue in its entirety this November, available on newsstands from November 17 and through our online shop. Find a stockist near you.


FASHION Charlotte Agnew
MODEL Ajak Deng @ Chic Management wears SAINT LAURENT dress; CHANEL hat;
LOUIS VUITTON shoes; CARTIER earring, bracelet and rings.
HAIR Pete Lenon @ AP–REPS
HAIR COLOURIST Kathy Gilbert @ Crown Hair
MAKEUP Claire Thomson
SET DESIGN Claudia Bagnall
STYLIST’S ASSISTANT Chelsea Oh and Sophia Stamellos

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