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Ellen von Unwerth has created NFT’s of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss

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Well, if there was ever a reason to get into the crypto-fuelled digital art game that is the world of NFT's, now would be the time! Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss are the most recent celebrity supermodels to be flogged as NFTs in Ellen von Unwerth's Supermodel Series will see five famed images of the original supers, morphed into digitised videos.

It is undeniably a little odd. In one image, Claudia Schiffer's tousled up-do is moving as if blown by the wind, while images of Kate and Naomi remain still save for some Kira Kira-esque sparkles that glimmer on screen.

For the first iteration of a series of drops, a percentage of the auction will benefit UNICEF, Campbell’s Fashion for Relief foundation, and Paediatric Home Care Team for Diabetes. Von Unwerth, the iconic female photographer whose career skyrocketed in 1989 only two months noted that she was “so excited” to launch the project with “three of my favourite icons”. The collection will go live on Cryptograph on Thursday 21 October at 1pm EST.

For those who are not quite clear on what an NFT actually is (we get it) an NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger called a blockchain. It records transactions and gives buyers proof of ownership.

As the NFT game has continued to dominate, many of the world's biggest celebrities and artists have joined in. Earlier this year Kate Moss launched a series of limited-edition NFT artworks featuring the supermodel captured in private moments. Moss, who has always been heavily involved in the art scene capitalised on the growing interest – donating a percentage of the profits to Adwoa Aboah’s Gurl’s Talk.

For Emily Ratajkowski, another model who had a go at the NFT game earlier this year, auctioned off a NFT as a way of reestablishing authority over an image that was used without her consent. The image in question was part of Richard Princes' 2014 New Portraits series – and is an 'Instagram painting' of Ratajkowski from her first Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue appearance.


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