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5 landlord-approved ways to improve your space

Not sure about anyone else, but I dream of buying my apartment for the sole purpose of gutting it for a more functional and purposeful life. But, I can't imagine I'll get my hands on the one I'm currently in any time soon. This won't stop me from wanting to change a bunch of features and attempting DIY home projects, but in the meantime, I'll settle with sorting out what I can update without losing my bond.

If, like me, you're fantasising about change, consider the following updates to improve your space that won't get your landlord upset.


Adding art


Hanging art without putting holes in the wall was once a non-option, but thanks to inventions like Command Hooks, this is no longer a roadblock. if your art needs to stay close to the wall, there are even modifications for hooks to make hanging art simple again. For those who still can't hang art this way, simply leaning larger pieces against the wall on the floor gives your space a similar feel.


Creative headboards

interior-updatesAdding a distinctive headboard can set the tone for an entire bedroom. Let the headboard lead and have the rest of your furniture follow suit. You can even free up space by purchasing headboards that have bedside shelves pre-built in.


Smart lighting


The perfect way to change up your lighting without actually changing fixtures. Smart light bulbs often let you choose from anything between how bright you want your lights to be, to which tone, and even which colour. Switch to different colours for a fun display and to make things feel more high-tech than your apartment might already be.


interior-updatesHave flooring you aren't crazy about and want to cover it up? Rugs are a great solution to adding warmth and dimension into your space with minimal effort. For those with floorboards, they double to protect floors from damage.


Integrative shelving


For when you're in it for the long haul. For a personal touch on your long term rental, consider purchasing a large shelving unit which can appear as multi-functional. Setting up your space to be as functional and personal as possible will help to curb those renovation fantasies for the time being.

Image credits: @hotelmagique, @curated_spaces, @lifx, @cadrys, @ikea_australia.