What you need to know about the earthquake that struck Victoria this morning

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Just after 9am this morning, (22/09/21), Victoria was struck by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake. The earthquake was first recorded in central Victoria, in the high country near Mansfield (the now established epicentre of the earthquake), but very quickly sent tremors through large parts of Melbourne and surrounds.

Geoscience Australia and The Emergency Vic website have since confirmed that there were three earthquakes recorded in quick succession; the first, which was felt as far as Sydney and Canberra at a magnitude of 5.8 (a downgrade from earlier reports of 6) and a depth of 10km at approximately 9:15am. The second, hit at approximately 9:33am, and has been categorised as a magnitude 4 at a depth of 12km. And the third, a magnitude 3.1 event at Rawson, which is just east of the other earthquake sites, and took place at 9.54am at a depth of 6km.


Has anyone been injured?

At the time of publishing, there have been no reports of any serious injuries as a result of the earthquake in Victoria. Speaking to travelling reporters in Washington at approximately 10:48am, prime minister Scott Morrison confirmed that the reports he’s seen to date don’t point to “serious injuries or things of that nature” and that is “very welcome news”.

However, the earthquake has had one of its most prominent impacts on Melbourne's Chapel Street; where several buildings have been damaged. Thankfully, no one was hurt during the collapse, and Fire Rescue Victoria crews have since cleared the area with residents unable to return. The Victorian State Emergency Service has confirmed that 27 of the 48 requests for assistance they have received between midnight and 11am today have been for building damage. Here's a look at the buildings impacted so far.

Don't live in Victoria but felt a small tremor? You're not alone

As was already mentioned, slight tremors from the first earthquake in Victoria have been felt as far as New South Wales and the ACT. In NSW, it has been reported that even residents on the state's Central Coast felt some movement; despite being about 950 kilometres from the epicentre.

At 9:50am, Fire and Rescue NSW posted a tweet which confirmed that they had "dispatched crews across NSW from Alexandria, Manly and Hornsby in Sydney to as far as Dubbo in Western NSW following reports of tremors felt across the state." Thankfully, there has been no major structural damage reported in NSW yet.

In the ACT, chief minister Andre Barr confirmed that the city had felt tremors, tweeting that the legislative assembly building was shaking.

What happens next?

According to The Guardian and Dr Januka Attanayake; the research lead with the University of Melbourne’s Earthquake Seismology Earth Sciences unit, today's earthquake could potentially be the largest earthquake felt around Melbourne in the last 175 to 200 years. The important thing to note is that aftershocks from earthquakes can be felt up to months after the initial event. If you do experience further tremors, structural damage or any related impacts, please contact the relevant emergency services in your state and area.

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