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Want hair like Dua Lipa? Here are 5 products she swears by

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It's a universal truth that Dua Lipa has great hair. The singer and actress has changed up her style a lot over the years: there was the bleach blonde and brunette crop, long dark hair that coincided with her rise to mega-stardom and Future Nostalgia tour, and now the red.

Her commitment to keeping things fresh is admirable, but the colouring, bleaching, heat styling and chemical processing also comes with damage.

Fortunately, Dua Lipa seems to have her haircare routine down pat, sharing five of her favourite hair products she can't live without formulas via her newsletter, Service 95. Find them all linked below.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

This lightweight mist is made with minerals and sea salt to enhance natural movement, boost volume and add a subtle grit to fine hair.

Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Spray

Unlike the surf spray above, this texture mist is best applied to dry hair to add volume and undone texture. The formula is really lightweight, so will boost your style without crunch, stickiness or that 'dirty' feeling.

Morocconoil Treatment

Boosted with Argan oil, Moroccanoil conditions the hair, infusing shine and reducing the look of frizz. While it's an oil, it sinks in quickly and can be used on dry or damp hair.

Dizziak Hair Wash Duo

Dua invested in UK haircare brand Dizziak, so it's no surprise this duo made the list. The shampoo and conditioner pair are scalp friendly and pH balanced, designed to deeply cleanse, soothe and soften.

Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Extreme Repair Treatment

Disclaimer: this is hard to come by in Australia. But if you can get your hands on it, it has a cult following for its ability to transform dry, damaged, stressed-out hair in a matter of minutes. Great for anyone who undergoes lots of styling, colouring and chemical processing.

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