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Drawn in: My Chameleon brings us MC Gallery

Thierry Porter, Lounging Print A2, printed on 220gsm acid-free paper.

My Chameleon, the widely beloved digital fashion atelier presents MC Gallery, an online platform featuring the works of local and international artists in signature MC style. The latest offering presents an array of original and limited edition works created exclusively for My Chameleon. The initial selection of works includes woven silk hangings by Sydney weaver and model Rachel Rutt, abstract paintings and drawings by Australian artist Delta Venus, illustrations and collages by Amsterdam-based artist B.D. Graft, and intimate line sketches by London’s Thierry Porter. The pieces by the emerging and established artists will be available for purchase from My Chameleon. Later this year, The Gallery will welcome the addition of sculpture, photography, and objects for MC customers to enjoy.

B.D.Graft, Blue Monstera, acrylic and paper collage.
Delta Venus, Houdini, charcoal on paper, framed.
B.D.Graft, Domestic Jungle, oil pastel and charcoal on paper.

Celebrating artisanal hand-weaving, Sydney-based artist Rachel Rutt aims to temper fragility with strength in the presentation of her woven silk wall-hangings. Using locally sourced, minimally processed materials, each piece is slowly crafted à la ‘a moving meditation’. The result is lightly-dyed pastel pieces that feature subtle tie-dye and soft shapes.

Abstract shapes, colours, and textures emerge from the lucid dreams and sights seen by Australian artist Delta Venus. She translates these visions into her work, creating pieces that reflect the experience, rather than the image itself. Her work evokes a sense of calm perfection that transcends the pace of modern life, revealing a sense of surreal within the real.

Calling to mind Matisse’s line drawings, London artist Thierry Porter’s work comes to life with intimacy and care, depicting the human figure with a series of line drawings. With a palette of blue, black and rust, Porter aims to show as much as possible with as little as possible. Read between the lines and see yourself in his work. Between the simplicity and detail, time stands still.

Find Brian de Graft among the flowers. The independent, Amsterdam-dwelling artist explores the concept of ownership by creating abstract works that combine colours and shapes from his favourite art books. By bringing together these influences in his work, Graft invites viewers to create their own narrative and interpretation. Immerse yourself in flowers as Graft draws you into a world of childlike play and imagination with his instantly recognisable aesthetic.

Thierry Porter, Breathe Print A2, printed on 220gsm acid-free paper.
Thierry Porter, Original Thoughtful Nude, acrylic and charcoal on paper.
Rachel Rutt, Window 3, silk, ramie, and dye.
Delta Venus, One Morning In Paris, charcoal on paper, framed.