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Drake, if you’re reading this, let me be an ambassador for your candle brand

Drake candles

If there's one thing we know about Drake, it's that the man has pretty exemplary taste. He also has a particular knack for transferring his affinity for the finer things in life into stellar collections and collaborations. A track record that has seen most, if not all of his creations sell out instantly, Drake is as true of a tastemaker as they come. Now, Champagne Papi is cementing his place in the realm of homewares and fragrance; announcing that a Drake candle range is on its way.

Adding to his affordable athleisure label October’s Very Own, or OVO as it's commonly known, Drake has unveiled his scented candle brand titled Better World Fragrance House. Taking to Instagram, which inevitably is where most celebrity announcements happen these days; we have already gotten a sense that this range is the full Drake DNA. Moody, mysterious, dark and just the right amount of sexy.

Keeping in line with Drake's personal approach to social media; we still know very little about what is sure to be a very hyped release. So far, Better World Fragrance House has only shared three posts to its Instagram feed. The first is an ominous video overlaid with the soothing voice of someone reminding us that, “Scent is extremely powerful."

The second post, however, is much more informative. Not only does it confirm the release date of the candle – May 9 if you want to put it into your calendar. But it also reveals that the initial launch will consist of five fragrances; Carby Musk⁠, Williamsburg Sleepover, ⁠Sweeter Tings, ⁠Good Thoughts⁠, and Muskoka.

If you're wondering why news of a Drake candle might sound like something we've spoken about before, you wouldn't be entirely wrong. The difference this time, is that this creation was actually led by the rapper; rather than a random internet candle that supposedly smells like him. Both, of course, are equally as important. If you're wanting to find out which of your other favourite, unproblematic male celebrities made the list, we highly recommend taking a geez (and making a purchase).


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Image: Instagram