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Be still our beating bookshelves, Dolly Alderton is releasing a new book titled ‘Dear Dolly’

dolly alderton new book

Did you hear the collective gasp of every woman aged 23-35 as Dolly Alderton shared her latest Instagram post? We thought as much and understandably so as everyone’s favourite, relatable columnist and unapologetic Rod Stewart fan has announced a new book – Dear Dolly – releasing this October.

What is Dolly Alderton's new book about?

Dear Dolly is a collection of her Sunday Times Style columns alongside a new essay from Alderton herself. If the pieces published in her column are anything to go by, expect prominent themes to include love and loss, relationships, navigating friendship and personal growth.

As mentioned, Alderton took to Instagram to announce the news, where she may have hinted earlier in 2022 of the now announced release. Earlier this year, Alderton posted a series of articles asking for the anonymous question askers to contact her, leaving us to believe she may have wanted to expand on the background of their questions potentially for the long-form book.


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In a synopsis of Dear Dolly, Alderton writes what she has learnt from sharing her most private moments and that through sharing has cultivated a community.

"What I learnt from sharing my most private pain with a semi-professional problem-solver was that the mere act of asking for help was, in itself, healing," writes Alderton. "It was as if I had crept down to the docks in the cover of darkness and floated a message out in a bottle, imagining how it might be received. By writing it, I was acknowledging that someone might care about me; that they'd be able to say the right thing without knowing me. Because I was feeling something that other people had felt and therefore I wasn't, as I suspected, the loneliest and strangest woman in the world."

As Everything I Know About Love has come and gone, many of us have an Alderton-shaped hole in our pop culture consuming hearts, so the timing of Dear Dolly’s release couldn’t be more welcome to many. Some highlights of her advice column include “All my friends want babies and I’m not sure if I want children,” “Do you believe in right person, wrong time?” and “I’ve become obsessed with astrology and guys’ birth charts.”

When does Dear Dolly release in Australia?

Dear Dolly is slated for release on October 27.

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