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Lead with light – celebrating Diwali with our creative community


It's no coincidence that our creative community gathered at Lakshmi Pillai's Woollahra-based boutique to celebrate Diwali on November 17. The owner's eponymous store, a treasure trove of handmade and luxury fashion, shares its name with the Hindu goddess of beauty, fertility and prosperity – and it's her story that's honoured during the festival of lights.

RUSSH joined Pillai and Arts Matter to observe Diwali and toast new beginnings surrounded by a small exhibition of works from multidisciplinary artist Monica Rani Rudhar. Rani Rudhar's gilded ceramic sculptures drew the eye, embodying both Indian design and cultural love.

Elsewhere in the space basked in warm candlelight, one could find Bella ThomasRUSSH editor in chief, Jess Blanch, as well as Monica Rani Rudhar all dressed in Pillai's designs, painstakingly crafted from handloom Indian textiles. Across the room, glasses of wine provided by Fox Wine were enjoyed in tandem with silver vessels heaped with traditional Indian dishes and topped with jewel-like pomegranate seeds and pickles.

Intimate and relaxed, the evening offered a moment to spend time with our community and a chance to set our intentions as we approach summer and ease into the light. Below, step into our Diwali celebrations with imagery for the night.


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