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Bella Thomas on her approach to buying lingerie, and the Simone Pérèle pieces that make her feel most herself

Bella Thomas celebrates 75 years of Simone Pérèle in their SS23 collection

Underwear have long since transcended their utilitarian function to become indicative of something more. Of course, they play part in our sense of sensuality, but even more than that, they instil their wearer with an invisible air of confidence. Wearing lingerie that is comfortable, and that makes you look and feel your best is empowering, and as contemporary ideals of femininity and sexuality evolve, so too do the requirements of our undergarments.

Simone Pérèle has long been a pioneer in the 'innerwear' space, amalgamating elegant and comfortable designs with their particular vision of Parisian grace. Since the late 1940s, Madame Pérèle has been crafting lingerie adapted to the post-war woman; an ever-evolving ideology that continues to keep up with the modern-day woman's needs, even now, on their 75th anniversary.

Wearing Simone Pérèle is to acknowledge their philosophy of self-confidence and self-love through well-fitting, meticulously crafted undergarments, and the brand's new Spring Summer 23 collection is no exception to the rule, each piece not only concerned with flattering the body, but also with doing right by the earth.


SIMONE PÉRÈLE Escale Soft Cup bra and Escale Bikini underwear.


Crafted with eco-friendly and recycled materials, the SS23 collection is representative of Simone Pérèle's 'Simone Cares' program, which is committed to sustainable action across their products, packaging and community.

Model Bella Thomas is someone who aligns deeply with these ideals; someone who feels most confident when comfortable in her own skin and who prioritises making considered choices for the environment. This ethos extends to her sartorial choices, favouring underwear and lingerie that simply makes her feel good.

We spoke to Thomas as she donned Simone Pérèle SS23 collection, on their 75th anniversary about her purchasing habits, her approach to buying underwear and lingerie, and her favourite pieces from collection.


Left: SIMONE PÉRÈLE Helouise Soft Cup Triangle bra and underwear. Right: SIMONE PÉRÈLE Amazone Half Cup bra and underwear.


How would you describe your approach to buying underwear and lingerie? What do you look for first – size, fit, style?

I want my underwear to feel like a second skin, so I always go for comfort. I normally go for underwire-free, although I do like to wear one on the odd occasion. They just make me feel a little sexier.


Most lingerie brands reinforce the same tired and stereotypical ideals of beauty and sexuality. What is it that makes Simone Pérèle different for you?

I think Simone Pérèle’s lingerie speaks to femininity in a beautiful way.


SIMONE PÉRÈLE Escale Full Cup bra and Escale underwear.


How does a brand’s sustainability and ethicality play into your purchasing habits?

A brand’s sustainability and ethics does play a big part in my purchasing habits. I find myself buying a lot less, focusing more on vintage. I tend to think on current items a lot more, most of the time I don’t end up buying anything, which I never really regret.


Do you have any favourite pieces from the Simone Pérèle SS23 collection?

I really love the Amazone Half Cup Bra in black. It’s a classic style and I love the squareness of the bra, as I find it really flattering.


Left: SIMONE PÉRÈLE Escale Full Cup bra and Escale underwear. Right: SIMONE PÉRÈLE Adele Soft Cup Triangle bra and Adele Tanga underwear.


What makes you feel most comfortable when wearing lingerie?

When the fit is right and I’m wearing something that I feel confident in.


What song best describes the feeling of wearing Simone Pérèle?

I have had Woven Song – Piano reworks by Hania Rani and Ólafur Arnalds playing most afternoons. I think it describes the feeling of wearing Simone Pérèle quite nicely.


SIMONE PÉRÈLE Adele Half Cup bra and Adele Culotte underwear.


FASHION Sophia Stamellos
MODEL Bella Thomas @ Kult Models
MAKEUP Carly Lim
Cover image: SIMONE PÉRÈLE Amazone Push Up bra and Amazone Bikini underwear.

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