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It’s officially spooky season at Diptyque – the parfumerie has released a limited-edition candle for Halloween


We're not the only ones gearing up for spooky season. Beloved French parfumerie, Diptyque is raising our spirits and participating in the joy of Halloween by releasing a limited-edition candle inspired by the holiday. So if you've long admired the home scents produced by Diptyque, add the newly minted Citrouille to your lineup of Baies and Figuier.

To answer the most pressing question, Citrouille by Diptyque is a deliciously autumnal fragrance that's gourmand in nature. With food at the forefront of our minds during Fall, the candle takes cues from warming flavours like pumpkin, spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon, and roasted chestnuts. It's a cosy scent that's tempered by a surprising crunchy-freshness in a bid to emulate the quality of both raw pumpkin and pumpkin pie.

In any case, it's a thoughtful touch for any Halloween parties you have planned, or for those who like to keep their celebrations lowkey, Citrouille makes a comforting companion for late nights reading Stephen King in the bath.

Where can you buy the Diptyque Citrouille candle?

Arriving in the 190g size, the candle will be available throughout autumn but will "disappear as winter approaches" per the Diptyque website. If you're looking to secure the scent before it departs this earth forever, then head to the Diptyque website where it's set to launch on October 17.

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