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Dior presents Dior men’s new tailoring

Dior men

Kim Jones is introducing a new New Look for Dior men's. Dior's formal tailoring offering has always been a cornerstone of the House's menswear identity, and now, artistic director Jones is serving up a fresh approach to existing styles and new silhouettes .

For the House of Dior, nothing is more sacred than the brand's connection to tailoring, and for today, proportions are reimagined, silhouettes are adjusted to make room for modernity and fluidity, styles are updated to welcome a sense of grace. A classic single breasted suit stays true to its DNA, with subtle updates including monogrammed lining.

The Tailleur Oblique, an already iconic style, first seen in the Dior men’s Summer 2019 collection, makes its debut within the new offering. Fusing timelessness with practicality, the suit offers streamlined trousers secured at the waist with side adjusters. A smoking jacket is offered as the pair to the trousers, with techno satin lapels and a half-lined approach – proposed for the first time this season.

It has never felt more clear that to Jones, details are the most significant thing, which is noticed in the new Dior grey label and hand sewn buttonholes on the lapel. Each suit has a full-canvas construction, with its tailoring heritage reflected in a new satin-striped cupro sleeve lining and interior waistband.

Fabric offerings are expanded into houndstooth, Prince of Wales and chiné check, with stripes in pale or navy blue, echoing monsieur Dior's personal wardrobe and taste, nodding to his preferred fabrics in his personal collection and in Haute Couture. With a core of 5-10 permanent fabrics, exclusive weaves will be added seasonally, serving to continuously expand the formal choice.

As Dior ushers in a new tailoring era, a new New Look for Dior men emerges. Fluidity, modernity, and a new meaning of masculine are brought forward into the era.

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