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A film about the first French restaurant is on its way and yes, there will be butter

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Second to our love of eating food, is watching someone else prepare it on screen. If we had it our way, we would ogle Stanley Tucci as he scrambles eggs in Big Night on an endless loop. The same goes for The French Chef herself, Julia Child. It's a form of visual ASMR that those of us with healthy appetites are more than willing to oblige – as long as we're full ourselves. Now, much to our delight, a new filmic depiction of food is about to cross our path and it will detail the origins of the first French restaurant. Simply titled Delicious, it's every bit as mouthwatering as it seems.

On the eve of the French Revolution another revolution is taking place. Pierre Manceron, an industrious cook, is sacked by his employer the Duke of Chamfort after the chef deviates from the usual menu with a 'truffle and potato pie'. The Duke and his company are outraged that Manceron would feed them 'pig food'. Although, not as outraged as us, the audience, when one of the guests hurl the pie across the room (one would almost think Manceron served them a glob of raw sewage). From here Manceron rightly quits, leaving the palace to work at an inn, ultimately forsaking his trade. That is until Louise, a stranger, arrives eager to become Manceron's apprentice.

Of course, director Éric Besnard has taken a few liberties with the film Delicious. The first real restaurant in France just so happened to be La Grande Taverne de Londres in Paris which opened in 1782. But it's important to note that there were restaurants operating all across the world far earlier than Le Grande Taverne de Londres, just at a much smaller, less "refined" capacity. But history aside, Delicious is a marvel for the senses. One you can enjoy on Boxing Day in Australia, when it will arrive in select theatres.

Until then, you can watch the trailer for Delicious the film, below.

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