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Janelle Monáe will transform into Josephine Baker for a new series from A24

De La Resistance janelle monáe

If you tuned into the 2022 Met Gala you will have unknowingly received a glimpse of a new series currently underway at A24 studios. Janelle Monáe appeared on the famous stairs wearing a Ralph Lauren gown, which we've recently learned was a tribute to the iconic performer and activist Josephine Baker, of whom they've long admired. Thus foreshadowing Monáe's glittering new role that would see them star as Baker in television series, De La Resistance.

What is De La Resistance about?

The series will focus on Josephine Baker's double life as a spy for the French Resistance during WWII.

Although born in the US, Baker spent much of her early life performing throughout Europe, building a reputation as one of the most celebrated musician and dancers in Paris. She's most widely known for her performance during the review of Un Vent de Folie in 1927, where the image of her in a banana skirt and beaded necklace became emblematic of the Jazz Age and roaring twenties.

During WWII Josephine Baker was a valuable spy for the French resistance and when the Nazi occupied Paris, she moved to the south of France, refusing to perform for them. She was also incredibly active during the American civil rights movement. Josephine Baker refused to perform to segregated audiences and as a result the FBI targeted her by labelled Baker a communist and banning her from the US for a decade.

Who has been cast?

Aside from Janelle Monáe, little else has been noted about casting for the project. Although Monáe is also onboard as producer through their production company Wondaland. As for the showrunner? Jennifer Yale, whose credits include Outlander and Dexter is helming the series.

While details on De La Resistance are scarce at present, watch this space as more information regarding a release date and casting is revealed.

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