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David Lynch returns from creative hiatus with a music video for Chrystabell

Flickering lights mottle across a woman's face. You can make out three silhouetted shots of the same woman, sliding in and out of focus while she murmurs, perceptible only to straining ears. The timbre of her voice is eerie but certain. There's a restraint to her movement and facial expression despite it being the only illuminant in the video. Maybe the effect is deliberate, as your attention is funnelled in the lyricism of her words. Only David Lynch could be responsible for such a work. And as you would have it, he is.

For the first time since his last feature film Inland Empire hit the screen, the director has been keeping mum. The creative hiatus has been broken with a newly directed music video for Chrystabell's 'Sublime Eternal Love'. Beneath, we take you through the haunting visuals and break it down, Lynch-style.


What is the history behind Chrystabell and David Lynch working together?

The duo are repeat collaborators. Artist Chrystabell worked on the soundtrack for Inland Empire in 2006. Since then Lynch has mastered her debut album, 2011’s This Train, and her 2017 EP, Somewhere in the Nowhere. She also joined Lynch on the TV sequel Twin Peaks: The Revival in which she starred as Special Agent Tamara Preston.

What are the lyrics to the song?

In case you had difficulty catching each whispered word, we got you covered. Here are the lyrics to the song.

When he saw it
Coming round and shining
He fell down crying
And trembling
Calling out he cried
Cried for understanding
Voices came
And the noise turned to music
And the notes had feeling
A feeling of love
A sublime love
Eternal love sublime eternal love

Where can I watch the video?

You can access the full music video below.

When will the album come out?

Cellophane Memories by Chrystabell and David Lynch will be released by Sacred Bones Records on August 2, 2024.


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