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David Bowie’s 2001 unreleased album, ‘Toy’ is finally set to be released

david bowie toy

In 2001, David Bowie made an album, Toy, which mixed new songs and new versions of lesser-known songs from 1964-71, that never ended up getting released. Now, two decades after it was originally intended for release, Toy will finally debut into the world.

Initially intended as a follow up to his 1999 album, Hours, production for the release of the record was brought to a halt after a conflict with his record label at the time, where they ended up refusing to release the album.

"I'm finding EMI/Virgin seem to have a lot of scheduling conflicts this year, which has put an awful lot on the back burner." Bowie told his fans in 2001 when he was asked about the records delayed release. "Toy is finished and ready to go, and I will make an announcement as soon as I get a very real date. Meantime, I'm already started writing and recording for another album." He continued. "So far I have to say it's back to experimental. But knowing me, it doesn't mean that's how it'll turn out. I shall be writing and recording throughout the summer, but daddyfying is really my priority at the moment."

Following the cancellation of Toy, the album was leaked online in 2011. Fast forward another decade, it will be released officially as part of Bowie’s new Era Five box set.

“Depending where you are on the planet, if it’s September 29 you might be streaming the radio edit of ‘You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving’ from the forthcoming Toy album, via your favourite streaming service,” Bowie’s official Twitter account wrote. “More details regarding that and the rest of the Era Five box, later today.”

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Image: @davidbowie