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Multi-hyphenate creative Crystal Russell styles herself in the latest Converse Run Star Motions

In Partnership with Converse

"My emotions are my biggest source of inspiration, therefore I feel like I always have endless inspiration because I feel a lot." If you follow model and creative, Crystal Russell, on Instagram, it is clear that she is no one trick pony. A dancer, a model, and at one with words and imagery, Russell refuses to be boxed into just one creative medium, especially not at her age. Her moves hypnotise, as does her smile.

Here, we catch up with Russell, who is lensed by our Kitty Callaghan and styled in her favourite looks paired with the latest Converse Run Star Motions - a take on the classic Converse DNA married with an ultra-modern platform sole. The silhouette is expressive, modern, and utilitarian by nature. A clear evolutionary cue from the brand, the Run Star Motions emerge in new colour ways for the season, in an acid Lime Twist and monochromatic Black on Black for an injection of youthfulness into their already existing staple colours. See the way Russell styles the new colour ways below, and read on where she talks inspiration, self-expression, and working with Converse.



How have you been staying inspired during lockdown?

Lockdown actually gave me the time and the space I really needed to fulfil a lot of creative visions that had been stirring in my mind in the weeks before it started. My emotions are my biggest source of inspiration, therefore I feel like I always have endless inspiration because I feel a lot.


How do you express yourself?

Writing. I feel safe writing. It feels like coming home at the end of a long day, to myself and my heart.



I know you make your own films, is this a central part of your creative expression?

Yes!! Making films is the most fulfilling process. I’m such a visual learner and person so creating visuals feels very central to my creative expression. Seeing a vision come to fruition that I once imagined in my head is the most motivating and fulfilling feeling. It is what I see myself doing for years and years and on a larger scale eventually.


Tell me about your dancing, how long have you been doing it and what keeps you connected to dance?

I’ve been dancing since I was 10. Music keeps me connected to dance. I love music, my earliest memories are of my sisters and I dancing around to music.  Now I live out of home I’m still always playing music and dancing around the kitchen and in my room in whatever way feels good, not caring about what it looks like, only how it feels. Dancing is my joy, this innate passion and love for it is what keeps me motivated and connected.




How has your relationship to your body shifted since starting to dance?

Dancing always strengthens the relationship to my body. It makes my body feel good and that is always so healing to any body dysmorphia or insecurities I may feel without ever even changing anything about how I look.


How does your writing fit into your creative practice?

I write mostly every night. I have since I was 12. I have at least 20 journals, my whole life is in there. Writing feels like breathing to me. It helps me bring all my visions to life as my ideas flow seamlessly out of my mind and onto the page: the first step of the alchemy that is the creative process.


How does Converse fit into your life?

Converse fits into my every day styling, the last detail to an outfit. Shoes are so important, especially for dancing and converse are so comfortable to dance in.




Do you have any memories of wearing converse for significant moments in life?

I was in France for 6 weeks with my family and wore my all black Chuck Taylor All Star high tops the whole time. I remember dancing in them in this hip hop class in Paris. I always remember my mum’s appreciation for converse as an iconic and staple shoe when she bought them for me.


How do the Run Star Motions make you feel?

Confident. I love the platform and how comfortable they are. They can be dressed up or down and I love that versatility.


What are you looking forward to?

Dancing with my friends! That’s what I missed most in this lockdown…Feeling alive…Creating consistently with photography, writing and film…Growth.



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