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Directed by Cloudy Rhodes: for our ‘Courage’ issue film, Cameron Stephens talks inner strength

Courage issue film Cloudy Rhodes Cameron Stephens

Courage is immersive. It's all encompassing, if you let it. It's like the ocean. For our 'Courage' issue - out now - we asked director Cloudy Rhodes to capture the feeling of the issue in motion, in collaboration with cover star Cameron Stephens. The result was an ode to strength, optimism and being true to oneself, in the moment.

The 'Courage' issue and accompanying film are projects close to Stephens' heart.

"It really took me back because it's all the things that I'm focusing on at the moment."

"I felt really really inspired by it. I was able to write a piece and say it, so [it's] a really collaborative piece that I worked on with all these other creatives, and it's very hard to come by that."

Here, Rhodes captures Stephens (a Pisces, if you hadn't guessed) by the water, wearing Tiffany & Co. jewellery.



The 'Courage' issue film sees Stephens connect with her inner strength. "Seeking love. Seeking refuge. Seeking peace. Seeking hope. That makes us whole, and that makes us one." 

We asked her where she finds fortification, and the source of her creative drive.


I’m not afraid of …

The future or the great unknown. I guess it’s that way for a reason and there to test us.


My star sign is…



It suits me because …

I’m a dreamer, very ambitious, creative and ready to take on what’s in store for me.


The music that fortifies me is …

Disco, psychedelic rock, jazz, Motown etc. I feel like my taste in music is very broad but I definitely enjoy the 70s and 80s era of music the best. It brings me a lot of joy and nostalgia listening to it.


I look after myself by …

Listening to what my mind and body needs. I’ve really chose this year to focus on myself and ways to improve and grow as a person. I’ve been reading a lot about mindfulness and ways to restore balance. I like to take some time out for myself and exercise often and also just do a little TLC for myself because I’ve realised it’s the little things that helps us feel better.


Clothing credits in order of appearance: Model wears TIFFANY & CO. choker, bracelet and rings throughout.
PRADA cardigan and top; models own underwear.

DIRECTOR Cloudy Rhodes
FASHION Hannah Cooper
MODEL Cameron Stephens @ IMG
HAIR Alan White @ MAP using Davines
MAKEUP Isabella Schimid @ Assembly Agency using Chanel
EDITOR Stewart Arnott
SOUND Georgia Collins
COLOUR Jaclyn Paterson

See more in the 'Courage' issue, out now.

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