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Converse is renewing the future of footwear with Renew Labs

converse renew labs

In partnership with Converse


Materials matter, as does a future free of waste and overconsumption. Converse knows this better than most, and is demonstrating so with the launch of a new tangible initiative, Renew Labs Fitzroy, a retail experience that showcases creativity, co-creation, inclusive ideation and the continuance of a more sustainable future for the world.

The space itself will function as a creative hub, facilitating creative workshops, and cleaning and repair services for their beloved Chucks to be renewed. The initiative will be centred around the Converse Renew range, with a strong goal to extend the life of shoes overall, leaning into ideas of circular design, giving shoes a new life and reducing their impact on the planet in turn.

converse renew labs

Following those who have ignited change before, Converse is committed to enabling All Stars to Create Next, as they voice important matters with local and global communities. Calling for change in thought, operations, and planning.

Gamechangers like Tamara Leacock, Joshua Space, Callum Preston, Precious Plastics and TreadLightly used their practice to transform the inside of Renew Labs. Opening in Fitzroy, Melbourne, was not an unconscious choice, either. With a recognition for the community of Australian's passionate about positive change on home soil and beyond, Converse wanted to create a space for togetherness from all kinds of specialists, All Stars, and consumers to share in the same vision.

Throughout the space, Joshua Space installed planters crafted from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste. And Callum Preston channelled his understanding of youth culture and street art, to create a mix-medium feature wall that doubles as a display unit for Converse Renew products.

As they pushed for a circular plastic economy, Precious Plastics developed alternate machines and technologies for breaking down waste. Constructing the shoe shelves in Renew Labs has made a change to the way Converse displays footwear. Renew Labs will also act as a designated collection point for any pre-loved sports shoes that cannot be renewed, instead being recycled into products like gym flooring through TreadLightly’s initiative.

Prior to the launch, Collingwood based artist Tamara Leacock hosted the first Renew Lab workshop. Her brand  R E M U S E  Designs sits at the intersection between futurism and nature; channelling this ethos to mentor Converse All Stars on ways to work with low-impact dye techniques and other environmentally friendly customisation practices.

converse renew labs

Renew Labs Fitzroy is now open with limited-edition customised Chuck 70s and an apparel collection that highlight Leacock’s custom indigo dye treatment, only available to purchase from the Fitzroy store alongside the full Converse Renew product offering.

You can learn more about customising your own Chuck 70s with Tamara Leacock on our RUSSH weekend session, below and explore Renew Labs through the Converse website.


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