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Transforming spaces: Converse launches pop-up art experience alongside make-up artist Rowi Singh and three creatives 

If there is one thing we could sum up as the theme of 2022 it's transforming our creative world. After a few years kept at a stand still, our minds are fertile with the promise of creating once again. In fact, one of the only ways we've seen this pandemic through has been via virtual creative collaborations acting as a soothing balm to our physical stagnation.

Converse is allowing creativity to prosper once more, launching an immersive pop-up art experience with the support of make-up artist, Rowi Singh and three young creatives, as part of the brands ‘CX Artist Series’.

Given that over the past few years we've been at the mercy of isolation, the idea of exploring spaces feels authentic to the current human experience. Transformation has been a focus, but perhaps none more so than the creative industry who relies on their varied experience to enhance their work. True to this theme, Converse has given an opportunity for three 'All Stars', Daniella Ocean, Shen Osaki and Ibrahim Intwari, to turn a blank canvas into a walking work of art.

What can we expect from the Converse pop up?

The artists were given seven days to reinterpret an empty space, featuring two rooms grounded in different phases of the creative process. The first exploring a sense of uncertainty. Following on to another space which is all about discovery through experimentation, and finishing off with the final stage - actualisation. A metaphor that feels very apt for our current state of mind, after two years of uncertainty.

The CX Artist Series was inspired by the Chuck Taylor All Star CX, which was recently launched in two new two-tone colours - white-navy, and ash black-light grey. The bold colour way and eclectic style gives an authentic slant to this classic comfort high top, updated with game-changing technology and innovative materials.

Who is involved with the pop up ?

The three artists from the program are all Sydney-based, with backgrounds in photography, visual storytelling, fashion and design. Singh, who specialises in dynamic makeup artistry, was brought in to mentor and harness their creative process. Her social media of course being the canvas she uses to create works of art imbued in colour and culture.

The make up artist spoke of the initiative saying, "As a creative, I love collaborating with like-minded individuals to inspire my own creative process and so when the opportunity to mentor inspiring local artists arose, I embraced it. I'm beyond excited to welcome the public to the space and stand alongside the All Stars as they showcase their work”.

Covid has been taking its toll on all creatives and has put undue stress onto an industry that can only best operate in constant flux. This has been something that has weighed considerably on the industry at large.

Shen Osaki, Photographer and All Star spoke of this experience saying, "When I was approached by Converse to be one of the three artists featured in the series, I was overjoyed. Off the back of COVID, I found myself in a creative rut and so this opportunity presented itself at the perfect time. Having seven days to solely focus on this project with other artists was just what I needed to reignite my creativity and passion for my craft”.

Where can we find the pop up experience?

The Converse CX Artist Series immersive pop up will be located at 68 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, and will be opened to the public between Friday, 4 to Thursday, 24 March.

In the meantime, you can see more from makeup artist and mentor Rowi Singh on Instagram.

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Images all courtesy of Converse