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Peep the latest additions to the Converse CX series – and how we’re wearing them

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Get ready, Converse is introducing new styles into its much-hyped CX line.

Say hello, to a new generation of classic styles: Run Star Motion and - of course - the Chuck Taylor All Star. All of which are getting a CX-style fairy godmother makeover.

In case you missed it, CX is a new material toolkit. Introduced in 2020, CX is a new way of making Converse shoes which prioritises comfort and movement through use of some rather impressive new tech - introducing fresh materials like stretch canvas and foam. Several styles have already had a CX makeover, now a new range will be transformed by CX.



Possibly one of the most hyped additions to the CX family is the new Run Star Motion. An evolution of the Run Star Hike, this is a shoe with an elevated stance reimagined in a light-weight new formula. A CX foam drop-in is sheathed by an EVA foam midsole, plus an engineered outersole design. Of course, the aesthetic of the upper part of the shoe stays true to the OG Run Star Motion style (so it should!). But it's the changes to the signature wavy sole that provide lift, traction and uniquely CX design elements.



The Chuck Taylor All Star CX has also had an aesthetic update with transparent foxing to showcase the midsole. While the body will be comprised of stretch canvas, the shape is largely unchanged - because really, you can't improve on perfection.



It's a new era of fashion in sneakers, that of course come with new style notes. At our fourth instalment of RUSSH Weekend, publicist and fashion model Lola Van Vorst and photographer and editor, Ella Jane show us how to style the newly reimagine Converse Run Star Motion sneakers. Peep the video below to see their ways to style.


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Phil Russo, VP of Global Design and Innovation for Converse said of the new styles: “At Converse, we are incredibly proud of our heritage which serves as a point of departure for a Design and Innovation approach that’s pushing our brand to new space."

“We are taking iconic favourites, including the Chuck Taylor All Star and the Weapon, and enhancing them with CX in response to consumer insights to drive comfort improvements. At the same time, the design team continues to explore, evolve and iterate our design language – creating future-forward styles with the new Aeon Active CX and delivering bold expression via the Run Star Motion.”




New CX styles release dates

The new Run Star Motion is already available, as one of the most anticipated launches prior to the Converse x DRKSHDW launch. Launched June 16 at As the Chuck Taylor All Stars, we'll be waiting until spring to see these ones land in stores.


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