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Come away with me: Commas takes us to European shores from the comfort of home


For your listening pleasure. 

Days that stretch into evening that turn into night. Long lunches that become dinners that become dance floors. Sun on sand and sand on bare feet. Whilst days spent in the European sun are a distant memory we can still conjure the feeling. We can recreate the food, escape via our screens and be transported through sound. 

If the clothes you wear can offer you the same sort of escape then for us it will always be resort wear brand Commas. Made for men but the kind where we will forever be stealing from their wardrobes, the label offers silk shirts, linen resort wear and swimwear to dress your summer abroad. On how to fly afar when the planes are on the ground, Creative Director Richard Jarman knows that music “assists my imagination” and allows the freedom “to travel anywhere.” 

So you too can travel through your senses, Jarman created the ultimate playlist to soundtrack your days. So gather your friends and food, pour a drink and tune in to the senses. 

Where in the world does this music transport you to?

Music has such a real effect on me. I guess it assists my imagination and I’m free to travel anywhere. I remember when I first started Commas from a design studio in the dangerous part of the inner west of Sydney, I would work right through the night and often strange things would happen right there on my doorstep.

One night I was in a daze in the studio unwrapping some really beautiful fabrics that had arrived from Italy. I was listening to some early very percussive Jamie XX and sticking fabric swatches on a Summer moodboard. Over the music I heard the sound of an explosion and walked towards my door to see a car in the neighbouring driveway had been torched. It had huge flames screaming from it. When I heard the firetruck coming, I returned back to the studio and back to my listening, oblivious again to what was going on outside. 

Does music inform or inspire your creativity?

I love the conversations that music creates. Last year in L.A. while I was designing the Spring Summer 20 Collection, I met with a friend Arman Nafeei who is the Director of Ambiance to the Chateau Marmont. I told Arman of the inspiration behind the collection being The Talented Mr Ripley and that I had also spoken with Ann Roth, the original costume designer who is now in her 80’s. Arman has one of the most extensive jazz record collections I have ever seen and was fortunate to inherit Hugh Hefner’s personal jazz archive. Knowing Arman’s impeccable taste, we concluded that he needed to create a mix to set the tone while I put the finishing touches on the collection. This became the soundtrack to the collection. 

Do you listen to music whilst designing your collection?

Always! But I honestly think music helps bring so many things to life. Not sure if it’s all in my subconscious but I can’t even cook without music, it just wouldn’t taste the same!

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