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A shared destiny, the Cocquerel sisters on life, sisterhood and marking special moments with jewellery

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The last few years have taught us much about ourselves. Certainly, one of the universal learnings has been the importance of connection and the strength and power of the bonds that we hold with those dear to us.

Understanding the power of human connection has always been at the heart of Cartier. This is a brand that has been celebrating connections and relationships since it was born in 1847. A house that exists in moments of celebration and, pivotal memories that help us strengthen the bonds we have with those closest to us.

We know that celebrating connection is perhaps more important than ever, and in a new an intimate film, we explore why. Speaking with the Cocquerel sisters, Elsa, Anna and Emilie, we explore the unrivalled intimacy of sisterhood and how celebrating precious moments keeps them connected now and into the future.



What is so special about having sisters? For Elsa it is growing up with best friends. "Especially when we grew up in France and in the States as kids, with a language and culture foreign to us at the time, it was comforting to know you were never going through it alone. Through thick and thin, they’re always there," she shares.

For Emilie its about shared moments. "They’re a part of every memory I have of learning about the world. We share history, DNA, ancestry and futures. And somehow, I still only know parts of them. We’re total individuals and then infinitesimally bonded. It’s pretty special I guess," Emilie says.



Their dynamic is unique. A trio of creatives that are not totally alike, and yet their bonds hold them strong. Elsa says one of her favourite memories is their different points of creativity. "Anytime you put us all around the piano [is a favourite memory]. I’m the only one not musically talented but it doesn’t stop me from stealing the mic. Especially at our Christmas parties, we get all our family and friends in on some Christmas carols. It’s like a scene out of a Frank Capra film," she says.

"We all have our different roles and personalities within our trio, but somehow it works. We are always there for each other at all points in life and love to watch each other grow. I love my sisters," adds Anna. She says that staying connected through FaceTime and 'just to check in calls is important, "but honestly, what keeps us connected is our bond."

In fact Anna likens it to the Cartier Love Bracelet. "The Love Bracelet, it's a never-ending circle of love," she explains. Created in New York in the 1970s, the Love Bracelet is a piece that signifies the intensity of love, and begs us to ask the question: how far would you go for love? "The Love Bracelet, for me, means having your heart on your sleeve and always being open and honest. And sharing life’s moments with the ones you love," Anna says.



Emilie shares how some of the most important moments of her life have been marked by jewellery.  "Be it a treasured piece passed down from my Grandmother, or a thoughtful gift from my siblings to mark an achievement, a birthday. The Love Bracelet sort of epitomises all of these for me. Something I could wear on a red carpet or at home, reminding me of the love in my life."

As for what the future holds, the sisters agree that new memories are on the horizon. "Newness. Room for accidents. Variety. Getting lost in the company of friends. Strangers. I’ve learnt to live a little more simply, and I can’t wait to bring that depth and appreciation into the real world again," says Elsa.

"I think we're all just excited for life to open up again, the possibilities and experiences that may come our way," Emilie concludes.


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Emily Cocquerel wears Cartier Juste un Clou bangle & Juste un Clou ring.
Anna Cocquerel wears Cartier Love bangle & Juste un Clou ring.
Elsa Cocquerel wears Cartier Juste un Clou necklace & Love ring.


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