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Coco Gordon Moore on time travel, her favourite account to follow on Instagram and starring in Camilla and Marc’s REALM campaign

Coco Gordon Moore is not one to show all her cards. A self-proclaimed 'closed book', mystery has long been her superpower – devoted to pursuing and carving a career that exists separately from the legacy of her Sonic Youth parents, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. That's not to say that the New York-based multi-hyphenate hasn't inherited that same magic. An artist through and through, a master storyteller and armed with an innate brilliance with words, Gordon Moore is commanding our attention, and we are certainly listening.

An accomplished poet – last year releasing her latest chapbook, Waiting Room – and model, Gordon Moore has starred in the latest Spring Summer 2023 campaign for Australian brand, Camilla and Marc, titled Realm. An invitation to explore the symbolic relationship between opportunity and growth, the collection decodes the various interpretations of doors, in both a physical and metaphoric sense, stimulating an anticipation for what lies beyond.

Starring alongside Laura Morgan and Karine Kaufmann, and shot in New York by Nagi Saka, Gordon Moore speaks to RUSSH about her day on set, the permanency of written word in a fleeting world and her favourite person to follow on Instagram.

Where are you currently based? Describe the energy.

I’m currently living in New York. My personal environment is pretty homey and messy. “organised chaos”.

Congratulations on the new Camilla and Marc collection. Can you tell me a bit about your day on set – any highlights or memorable moments?

Thanks! I actually remember it being freezing that day, it was the only cold day of the month haha. We were close to the water so it was extra windy which worked out in the photos.

The Realm collection speaks to the idea of passage and the journey in transition. Are you someone who easily embraces change?

I like moving into new phases of life, but i definitely struggle with letting go.

Do you have a favourite look or piece from the collection?

I loved the suits. I loved the outfit where I’m wearing the red socks. The Marcello top was another favourite.

If there was a portal that could take you anywhere, where would you want to go and why?

I would want to see my mum as a teenager and hang out with her.

What are you currently reading or listening to?

I’m reading this book called At Graves End by Jeaniene Frost. It’s about a girl who is half vampire and is also a vampire huntress. I’ve also been getting into Y/A Percy Jackson series… I read good stuff too… Music wise, I’m in a rut, but I’ve been listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs again.

How do you use your art and poetry as a vessel for curiosity?

Poetry is the only way I feel like I can express how my brain works or how I see something. I can say something in poetry that has meaning that I cant say to someones face because it doesn't make sense. It only makes sense in poetic form. Sometimes I think I’m trying to figure something out when I’m writing a poem, but I don’t want answers.

You released Waiting Room a little over a year ago now. How did it feel to create something so permanent in a time where a lot of things can feel fleeting?

It felt really good to put that chapbook out. I had put two others out when I was younger but I self published one of them. This one felt more real. I had been working on it for so long it feels really good to be able to hold it – to have an object that recorded a certain time in my life.

Do you ever wonder what people think of your work? Or do you prefer to let it just exist?

I definitely want people to like my work. I want it to just exist, but it does mean something if people like it. I work really hard on my poems so I hope people get something from it.

Who is your favourite person to follow on social media and why?

My best friend Addie, she’s very funny. Also my mum, I like the way she posts.

What opportunities do you hope to see behind the next ‘doorway’ that presents itself?

I’m wanting to create a full length of poetry and do like a little book tour with that. Hoping I can get that together and that there will be a good/cool press who wants to put it out.

Realm encourages us to the see the beauty in mystery – are you someone who keeps things close or are you an open book?

I am a pretty closed book. Takes me a while to open up. Only the people really close to me know me.

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