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CLAMM’s guide to Melbourne music


Ahead of Melbourne’s Red Bull Unlocked, a free weekend long festival celebrating the rebirth of Melbourne's iconic nightlife, we spoke to CLAMM and got their insider knowledge. If there is anyone who has the insider secrets of what’s good on the Melbourne music scene, it's Miles, Jack and Maisie, who's band CLAMM is gathering momentum within it. CLAMM's recommendations are not to be missed, nor are their live shows. Be sure to catch them at Unlocked and their friends across the city.

The Glass Picture

The Glass Picture put out their debut release with the excellent tape label Hideotic in late 2021. I was a little late to the party, but I caught them play a show at the Abbotsford Convent on a summery evening early this year and I was immediately obsessed. It was a rush over to the merch desk and grab a tape immediately after they finished kind of deal. Dreamy bedroom pop that makes me feel equal parts relaxed and in the mood for a dance or a sing-along. Very, very beautiful melodies. Strongly recommend you listen! - Miles



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Do you like trees? Do you like rock and roll? Then this is for you. Ecosystem put out their debut album with Tiny Town Records in 2020. Members Finn O’Shea and Timu Raubenheimer self-recorded the album somewhere along the south-west coast of Victoria with homemade microphones. I imagine they did the whole thing whilst laughing and smiling. It just makes you feel good. With the addition of Angie Kinna on bass, Ecosystem are a must watch live band if you can! Ultimate party rock band. You will dance and laugh and sing, guarantee! Eagerly awaiting their next release now the line-up is complete. Life, IS, a bittersweet adventure! (Listen to the album and you’ll understand that last sentence). - Miles

Teether and Kuya Neil


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Apparently they’ve only played four gigs and I’ve been to two of them which makes me a mega-fan I’m pretty sure. They’re amazing. Loose, deadpan and delayed rapping meets minimalist and interesting beats. The first time I saw them they were playing at this venue that has a kind of balcony for a stage. At one point Teether was hanging off the balcony and asking someone in the crowd for five bucks and a lift home. They were so comfortable on stage I was convinced they’d moved in to the balcony. I reckon they’d been living out of there for a week or something. The next time I saw them was at a Brunswick Music Festival gig that Chapter Music put on, which was on a big stage and I said to myself, ‘Wow! Imagine this for a fourth gig!’ But they’re playing big stages for their fourth gig because they’re that good. They’re music is dynamic and smart. Their live performance is as cheeky as it is utterly sincere. They’re real good. - Jack



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Program are one of my favourite bands in Melbourne. In 2019 came their debut release “Show Me” which has to be one of my most listened to albums of the last couple of years. They’re all great musicians playing interesting but extremely tasteful rock music that reminds me of Sonic Youth. Makes me bop my head. They’re the kind of band that I can’t help but make a fool of myself every time I see them live. They’re made up of members of The Stroppies, The Faculty, Meter Men and DARTS. I saw them earlier in the year at The Croxton which is a bigger venue here in Melbourne and it was great to hear them with a full sound. From memory I believe they played two new songs. I’m expecting a release this year. Judging by what I head from the Croxton it’s going to be as good as their last. I can’t wait. - Jack

The Teethers


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The Teethers are a young band hailing from my (Maisie) hometown of Frankston. Their sound is very reminiscent of the 90s, for fans of PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley etc. I admire them and every time I see them live I’m in awe of their stage presence and performance.

Cat is an incredible singer and when I think back to the music I was writing at that age it was nowhere near as mature and sincere as what they’re already doing. They’ve only put out two singles thus far, and I have a feeling they’re going to come out with some real gold in the near future. - Maisie

Red Bull’s Melbourne Unlocked features music line ups curated by I OH YOU, WAT Artists and Untitled at Hoi Polloi.


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