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Toasting to Chanel N°5, 100 years of celebrity

"What do I wear to bed? Why, Chanel N°5, of course." In Wednesday night's case, Chanel's guests at Felix Bistro & Brasserie in Sydney were all wearing N°5, but none were in bed.

It was May 5, 1921, when Coco Chanel debuted her first perfume at her Rue Cambon store in Paris. Marking a monumental moment where the legendary designer asked French nose Ernest Beaux to come up with a fragrance that smelt like "a woman, and not a rose.” Simple but heady, Chanel N°5 was born, and on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, Chanel honored the iconic fragrance's 100 years of celebrity with an intimate dinner for friends of the house.

In the dimly lit surrounds of Felix Bistro & Brasserie, guests sheltered from the rain for a coming together of celebration, marking a monumental moment in history. Under the low-hanging roof of Felix, we gathered to pay homage to everything that the fragrance represents: A radical creation and endless source of inspiration for so many who grew up knowing its legacy.

Steak Frites were served followed by Tarte Tatin and Profiteroles as champagne and signature cocktails inspired by the notes of N°5 were passed around. Singer Genesis Owusu joined us to commemorate the moment with an entourage of joyful backup dancers before we abandoned our dinner tables to finish the night on our feet, dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

A memorable evening in celebration of visionary composition and revolutionary idea that has transcended a century of iconism, immortalized by the House of Chanel and its guests. RUSSH regulars, Kitty Callaghan, Christelle Scifo, Ilkin Kurt, Gabriella Brooks, and Bella Thomas were in attendance alongside Lily Sullivan, Rita Ora, Isla Fisher, Isabella Heathcote, Olivia Dejonge, Nicole Warne and more.

Eau what a night. A window into the evening, below.


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