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The best way to elevate your shower experience? Celine soap

It's incredible how cleansing oneself can turn from a chore into a cherished ritual when there's chic ammenities involved. And there's arguably nothing chicer than a Celine cake of soap.

Celine Perfumed Soaps
Celine Perfumed Soaps fall under the Haute Parfumerie line, first introduced by Hedi Slimane in 2019. Hand-crafted by French soap-makers in Provence, there's four scented options on offer all borrowed from the line up of ubër popular eau de parfums: Parade, La Peau Nue, Californie and Reptile. Here's a quick note breakdown of each:

  • Parade: Bergamot, neroli, vetiver, musk and oak moss.
  • La Peau Nue: Bergamot, rose absolute, white orris butter, rice powder and vetiver.
  • Californie: Bergamot, white orris butter, palo Santo accord, tree moss and patchouli
  • Reptile: Cedar, pepper, tree moss, leather accord and musk.

Celine Perfumed Soaps

The shape of the soap itself is borrowed from the faceted cap on the Celine fragrance bottle lid, with the scent name stamped across the top. And because this is Celine, select soaps come housed in a special black or gold keepsake box, featuring the signature Triomphe emblem engraved on the lid.

Celine Perfumed Soaps

Because of the nourishing ingredient profile (sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerin), they do create a silky foam that's perfect for cleaning the body or hands. Milky and soft, these soaps won't leave you stripped or dry, as you may have experienced in the past. But if you can't bear the thought of seeing it disappear down the drain, you can also place your soap in your wardrobe to gently perfume clothes, or place it on the bathroom vanity for aesthetics alone. Despite the size, they dispel quite a significant cloud of fragrance, making them perfect for smaller spaces.

Fortunately for us, the four scented Celine Perfumed Soap Coffret are currently available to shop online and in selected boutiques for $180.

Whether you choose to actually bathe with them is another question entirely.

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