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Just like magic: Cartier’s High Jewellery collection inspires the extraordinary in the every day

A closer look at Cartier's High Jewellery watches

"Time is precious" the age-old adage goes – irreplaceable, unrepeatable, incredibly finite – perhaps the most precious currency we have. It's a concept made manifest by Cartier's latest High Jewellery collection, which strikes a perfect balance between the Maison's two founding crafts to procure timepieces of unparalleled beauty and mechanics.

The living legacy of Cartier is one deeply committed to honouring and paying homage to the concept of time – both pioneering and preservationist – crafting a stylistic odyssey that has spanned more than 175 years, since the Parisian Maison's inception back in 1847. For Cartier, honouring the past, and redefining the future, is core to their commitment to sustain and preserve their own House history and savoire-faire, whilst simultaneously mapping and sharing with the public their significant design innovation and prowess through exhibitions.

The Maison's insatiable curiosity for the beauty of the natural world has long seen Australia as an unlimited tap of inspiration – and each year, Australian jewellery insiders wait with bated breathe as Cartier's latest capsule of wonders arrives on our shores. This year, Cartier hosted their High Jewellery showcase at a harbour-side soirée in Sydney, which unfolded at The Hermitage, a heritage-listed home in Vaucluse built the same decade of the Maison's founding. Cartier's commitment to artistic expression was woven throughout the event – down to the bespoke cocktails on offer, mixed by Merivale’s James Irvine to pay homage to collection motifs and native Australian flora.

Comprising over 300 creations – the largest number ever exhibited in Australia – guests were given the opportunity to discover a suite of High Jewellery pieces inside a sprawling exhibition space on the property. From the emerald encrusted Panthère Exotique ring to the Mirragio earrings and necklace, featuring cushion Ceylon sapphires, each breathtaking stone was set with precision; each distinctly and inarguably imprinted with Cartier's savoire-faire, visible at first glance.

Several of the Maison's signature collection pieces were included in the stable of High Jewellery pieces on display, from Les Indomptables de Cartier – which takes its unique forms from a menagerie of fantastical fauna – to its signature Panthère line – the Maison's enigmatic emblem, reimagined in a multitude of abstractions. But despite the breadth and rarity of the pieces on exhibit, the High Jewellery timepieces still stand alone as particularly pioneering – not only in aesthetics but in design. Each watch has been crafted using the world's smallest mechanical movements – a feat of unparalleled watchmaking.

RUSSH had the opportunity to get acquainted with a selection of Cartier's High Jewellery timepieces while the collection exhibited in Sydney; an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the world's most unique, luxurious and meticulously crafted contemporary timepiece creations.


Left: COURTNEY ZHENG dress; CARTIER watch. Right: COURTNEY ZHENG dress; CARTIER watch.


Both: CALVIN KLEIN jeans; CARTIER watch; stylist's own socks.


Left: JAC+JACK shirt; CARTIER watch. Right: CARTIER watch.


Left: BRENDAN PLUMMER shirt; CALVIN KLEIN jeans; CARTIER watch. Middle: CALVIN KLEIN jeans; CARTIER watch. Right: CARTIER watch.


JAC AND JACK shirt; CARTIER watch.


Discover the full suite of High Jewellery collections and timepieces on the Cartier website.

FASHION Hannah Cooper
MAKEUP Yuka Matsui
HAIR Stephanie Dell using Mr Smith Hair Care and Shark Beauty
Cover image credits: Left: JAC+JACK shirt; CARTIER watch. Right: JAC+JACK shirt; COURTNEY ZHENG skirt; CARTIER watch.

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