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Carriageworks presents: CUT N POLISH, an artist car boot sale

If you've ever wanted to invest in a piece of art but have been deterred by the gallery model, or simply haven't known where to look, we've got some good news. Carriageworks has just announced CUT N POLISH, an artist car boot sale that does exactly what it says on the tin. On Sunday, May 1, Carriageworks' Blacksmith's Workshop will host 62 stalls for visual artists to sell their work directly to the public. So if you've long admired the work of Luca Blasonato, here's your chance to secure a painting.

It truly is as simple as that. Every dollar from your purchase will go straight to the artist who created it. The other thing is, CUT N POLISH carves out an opportunity for visual artists to move their most recent work, pieces from their archives and artworks from collaborations or any other side projects they've pursued. With this in mind, it's very likely that you could find yourself an unsuspecting yet prized piece to furnish your home with.

As far as the artists participating are concerned, they span both emerging and established categories and have been hand selected by a panel comprising of Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Aarna Fitzgerald Hanley, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Jonny Niesche, Brendan Van Hek and Katherine Stone. Think poet Omar Musa and Tiyan Baker who will be selling durian casts, glass objects and zines inspired by their homeland of Borneo. Along with Koji Ryui who has works currently on show at the 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art at QAGOMA Brisbane, and Dirt Witches who will be selling t-shirts created in collaboration with Tom Polo and Romance Was Born. In total there will be 95 artists vending their works at CUT N POLISH.

CUT N POLISH: Artist Car Boot Sale will take place on Sunday 1 May 2022 from 11am until 5pm at Carriageworks’ Blacksmiths’ Workshop.

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