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A new ‘Candyman’ documentary exploring the franchise’s chilling history is coming to our screens

Candyman documentary

There are some horror stories that are too enduring to ever die. No matter how many times you have sat threw the gruelling minutes; those jump-scare scenes and thrilling storyline never lose impact. Clive Baker's chilling 1985 tale, The Forbidden, better known as Candyman, is one of those tales. Now, a new documentary examining the lasting popularity of the Candyman franchise is on its way; and of course, it's on our watchlist.

The Complete History of Candyman documentary will explore the tenure of the horror-film franchise; which began with an original film trilogy from 1992-1999. The timeliness of the project is particularly relevant, given horror king of the 21st century, Jordan Peele, has created a "spiritual sequel" to the tale – set to be released later this year.

According to a press release for the upcoming documentary, “The Complete History Of Candyman presents an in-depth investigation into the series, the author and the up-and-coming Jordan Peele reboot from brand new and archival interviews from scholars and creators, from the voices who survived the genre’s past trends to those shaping its future."

Watch the full trailer for The Complete History Of Candyman below.


“It’s succinct view tours through Hollywood’s changing landscape and horror’s renaissance, during which the horror genre returned to producing critically and commercially successful horror films, much as it did during the era known as the Golden Age of slashers, which peaked between 1978 and 1984," the press release continues.

Both written and directed by Bryn Hammond; the documentary will also explore the relationship between the horror genre and the African-American experience. Looking at Spike Lee's iconic 1989 masterpiece,  Do The Right Thing, Hammond will also touch on how Lee's film became a model "for how the studio system packaged contemporary racial issues in a manner that startlingly respects the ability of viewers to think for themselves;" and important cinematic factor in the success of the Candyman franchise.

The Complete History Of Candyman does not have a confirmed release date of yet; but is said to be coming to our screens sometime in the middle of the year.

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