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From the ‘Paradising’ issue – cover star Camille Rowe never goes to the beach without a book

She gives the best hugs – that’s the first thing our summertime muse Camille Rowe would like you to know about her. On heated days you’ll find her reading by the ocean, and if you want to make her laugh just know you’re going to have to get a little twisted. With French and American heritage, Camille Rowe was raised near Paris in Ville-d’Avray, with a well in her garden surrounded by greenery, and now has made a home for herself beneath the Hollywood sign in L.A.’s Beachwood Canyon. A model and actor, since she was first scouted in the Marais district she’s been captured by Glen Luchford and Cass Bird, and played muse for Chloé and Christian Dior. She posed for her friend Henrik Purienne and made magic for our cover, all freckled cheeks and joie de vivre. A wild child with a heart of gold. We’re pickin’ up nothing but good vibrations.

My nickname is … Chaton (kitten). My star sign is … Capricorn. It suits me because … Meow. Not many people know that … I’m shy. My new year’s resolution is … Quit the Juul? Summer days are for ... Reading outside. Summer nights are for … Reading inside. My favourite warm weather city is … Nosara in Costa Rica. I’ll always take a chance on … Book recommendations. In the movie of my life I’d be played by … Bill Murray. My friends would describe me as … Passionate. The song that always reminds me of summer is Good Vibrations, Beach Boys. Because … I mean ... it’s the Beach Boys. My favourite fruit is … Avocado. Beach or pool? Beach. Sunrise or midnight? Sunrise. Silver or gold? Gold.  I can’t leave the house without … Turning off all the lights. I’d want to be stuck on a deserted island with … My boyfriend. My favourite decade for fashion is … 30s. My favourite memory of summer is … Corsica with my dad. If you want to make me laugh … Be a little dry and a little twisted. To unwind / check out, I … Take a bath with Japanese bath salts. I never go to the beach without … A book. The song that always gets me moving … Hot Chocolate, Every 1’s A Winner. I’m looking forward to … Sleep. The next year is all about … Cinema.






PHOTOGRAPHY Henrik Purienne
MODEL Camille Rowe @ GIRL mgmt wears DIOR makeup; model’s own clothing and accessories (worn throughout).

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