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Camille Rowe on vintage jeans, mens shirts and designing her collaborative fashion collections

Camille Rowe

Model and actress Camille Rowe is a style icon. A blend of effortless Parisienne chic with a California-cool twist, her approach to fashion is arguably one of the most envied aesthetics. So, of course it makes total sense that she would eventually design her own collections. Camille has partnered with LA brand RVCA to create a series of collaborative fashion collections, with the first two coming during the American autumn season - our spring 2021. In fact, the first pieces have already come our way.

The partnership was born from Camille's connection with RVCA founder PM Tenore. He recognised RVCA shared her love of contemporary art, and underground skate and surf culture. So together, they designed a collection that’s herald the  RVCA lifestyle, with a Parisian twist.

"This collection is really my dream wardrobe: comfort but with a lot of attitude," she says. "I always keep a bit of a 60s/70s feel to the way I dress; PM saw the creative vision through, from the cords and little lace-up shorts to the suiting. It all seems to have manifested in a merger of classic French style meets modern California girl."

The pieces themselves are laidback but elevated. With California-dreaming-style retro prints to elegant polka dots, from flowy dresses to single-breasted blazers, this is a collection that understands modern dressing and easy but polished style - whether you live beach-side or in the city.

Ahead of the release of the collection, we spoke with Camille on her new designs. She told us all about her inspiration, her favourite trends and her absolute wardrobe essentials.


Camille Rowe


Where did you draw your creative inspiration from when co-designing the piece?

I was so inspired that I sent about two million pictures for the mood board. There were, of course, many photographs of Brigitte Bardot in Saint Tropez. The legends Jane Birkin and Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas were also on the board. I found inspiration in places such as Laurel Canyon, the sixties and seventies music mecca. My namesake short was actually a reference to these amazing shots of roller girls in the 70s from Cali and Miami that I found.


How do you want these clothing pieces/collection to make the wearer feel?

I hope people feel confident, humorous, and fun!


Camille Rowe



What is difference to you between Parisian style and California style?

In Paris, you get to do coats, one of my favourite wardrobe categories. In California, it really is such a bummer that you don’t get to fully embrace seasonal dressing.


What's your ideal beach outfit?

I love these silk cover-ups that I always buy from a little store called Vicente Ganesha in Ibiza. The cover-up, plus a little two-piece bikini and a men's buttondown shirt makes the perfect seaside ensemble.


What about for the city, what's your favourite look when dressing for the city?

City dressing is typically either jeans paired with a white button-up or a blazer with menswear-inspired trousers. Both work with a chic, comfortable flat.


Camille Rowe


Do you prefer dressing for summer or dressing for winter?

Trick question! My favourite seasons for dressing are fall and spring.


What are your five absolute wardrobe-essential pieces?

Two categories define my wardrobe. I can’t live without my vintage jeans and tees.


What's your favourite trend right now?

I have never been someone that gravitated towards trends in fashion, for some reason I have always been more drawn to timeless style.


Camille Rowe



What best describes your personal style?

Relaxed, confident, stylish, textures, prints.



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