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Amandla Stenberg embodies queer joy in the Calvin Klein ‘Let It Out’ campaign

calvin klein amandla stenberg

Put Amandla Stenberg in a campaign and I will come running. That is a promise. Calvin Klein, in full knowledge of the way Stenberg makes Gen Z feel, has made them, along with Brandon Flynn of 13 Reasons Why, the stars of its Let It Out campaign shot by Paris-based photographer Karim Sadli.

calvin klein amandla stenberg

Let It Out is an extension of the Feel Pride campaign which launched in Sydney back in February during WorldPride. Featuring the This Is Love collection, which celebrates euphoria and freedom of expression among LGBTIQA+ communities, the clothes themselves are versatile and encourage movement through its design with pieces that are open to interpretation.


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Continuing its year-round efforts to support LGBTIQA+ communities, Calvin Klein has donated $55,000 USD to BlaQ Aboriginal Corporation this year alone. On top of this, Calvin Klein designed two limited-edition t-shirts featuring the slogans "Empower Each Other" and "Show Up For Trans Youth", with proceeds going towards ILGA World and the Transgender Law Center.

calvin klein amandla stenberg

calvin klein amandla stenberg

Although only 24 years old, Amandla Stenberg has had a long career in film with projects like Bodies Bodies Bodies, The Hate U Give and Beyonce's Lemonade under their belt. With a name that means "Power" in the Nguni languages and one that is synonymous with the anti-apartheid movement, Stenberg has lived up to their name by championing causes like Black Lives Matter and the fight for Trans Rights. For all of these reasons and more, Amandla is a natural fit for the Calvin Klein campaign.

In the Let It Out campaign images, Stenberg is captured in a series of high energy poses, moving between laughter and the state of feeling yourself. The images embody the joy and euphoria that comes with the ability to be your most authentic self.

Explore the full spectrum of Calvin Klein's Let It Out campaign and accompanying collection at the Calvin Klein website.

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