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Sustainable Dutch label, ‘CAES’, is the new brand you should be adding to your watchlist

CAES sustainable label

Here at RUSSH, we tend to pride ourselves on constantly staying in the know across the latest designers, creatives and brands across fashion, beauty and interiors. It comes as no surprise then, that when sustainable Dutch label, CAES, popped up on our radar, we were immediately intrigued.

Launched in 2019, founder Helen de Kluiver debuted her brand with sustainability front of mind and the belief that "fashion does not have to be fast or seasonal." From there, CAES has continued to flourish, offering customers a carefully curated, timeless collection of wardrobe staples they will be able to wear for years to come. Released in 'editions' rather than seasons, de Kluiver's slow approach to fashion ensures that every piece receives the high attention to detail it deserves – with consideration to fabric, quality and durability and fit.

CAES sustainable label


CAES' latest collection, titled edition 2, features a heavenly capsule of organic sweatshirts, bodysuits and ribbed tanks, midi-dresses and skirts, available in a range of neutral shades that will blend perfectly into your wardrobe. A notable mention of the collection and a personal favourite, the Vegea Leather Look Straight Trousers, are made from recycled raw materials, such as natural fibres including 'pomace' (grape skin by-product), recycled zippers, buttons made from upcycled cereal boxes and lined with organic cotton.

The sustainable fashion label is already a favourite of several Australian trendsetters, including artist Stanislava Pinchuk, model Bella Thomas, and RUSSH's own contributing editor and creative, Kitty Callaghan.



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It's no secret that a sustainable approach to fashion is becoming increasingly important to both designers and consumers alike. According to statistics revealed in a United Nations study, the fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions, 20% of all waste water, and consumes more energy than the airline and shipping industries combined. As we become more aware of this, luxury retailers are beginning to take action, with platforms such as Net-A-Porter launching sustainable spaces such as Net Sustain.

CAES' highly-anticipated edition 3 collection will join other sustainably curated brands such Maggie Marilyn and Mother of Pearl, on Net Sustain, but in the meantime, you can shop the brand's current collection, here. 


CAES sustainable label


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