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A buyer’s guide to London Fashion Week

The appointments, the showrooms and what to do in-between meetings: Harrolds’ Roshali Kaul sends us her buyer's guide to London.

"After a long day of appointments, everything looks better in black and white."

"Alex Eagle boutique in London is one of my favourite places to shop, it feels like home and it has the best furniture with lots of personality."

"Tom Ford showroom. Fucking fabulous."

"My hotel, Hoxton Hotel in Holborn with great architecture details."

"Love the eclectic artwork on display."

"Pausing for a quick second, checking where my appointment is. Google maps is my savior."

"Rovi, London - catching up with non-fashion friends in new restaurants to force myself to disconnect from work."

"Alex Eagle Boutique, London - love this table."

"Burberry Showroom - Harrolds is the exclusive wholesale partner for Burberry in Australia. It is one of the strictest showrooms and no one is allowed to take photos inside."

"Soho Radio, London, takes me back to when I lived in London. This radio station launched in 2014 and it's the only radio station Londoners listened to."

"How my head feels in between meetings."

"London streets, Shoreditch. Simple but effective, everyone take note."

"Soho streets, London. I try to walk as much as possible as the tube is too busy."